The Boy Who Lived and The Boy Who cost us 500 bucks.

Once again it starts.. The potter mania.. What all doesn't it make poeple do??? Take for instance 3 die-hard fans - me and two of my friends. First we book tickets in the last row, too happy to bother about comfort.. lost in anticipation.. and approximately 4hrs later this is what happened.

Shwe- how come for sat - 3.50 i see seats for the above rows?
Me - where? where? they are all occupied.
Shwe - am seeing row i,j free
Me - let me see
      They were not there before!!!
      Do people cancel even for harry potter?
Shwe - i have no idea
      i wish we could cancel ours..
Me - shall we book again?? and give these 3 to someone else??
         ( my brilliant idea )
Shwe - (really upset)
        who re... who will take?
       do you know someone??
Me - (really really upset )
         i dunno how this happened.
Shwe - (all practical and wise now)
        i know babes..
        is it woth wasting 500?
        i can book now.. and we can find someone outside the theater
       if not 500 gaya.. is it a good idea though?
Me - aahhhh this too much!!!
Shwe - Chill na.. we'll watch from M only...
Me - ok.. forget it.. dont book again...
         i dont wanna lose money
Shwe - so we leave it???
Me - (very reluctantly ) ya i guess....
Shwe - and forget this conversation ever happened
            (talk about dramatic!)
Me - thats hard... damm hard!!!
Shwe- now even J is free.. do u see the same or am i dreaming??
Me -ok stopppppppppppp!!! ask rush wat to do..
Shwe - she dint pick up.. i hate book my show :(
Me -should we book? i mean its harry potter.. lastttttttt movie...
Shwe - awwwwwwwww... dont tempt me..
        ok chuck it... am booking!
        i say we book!
Me- (waiting ) should we advertise on fb kya??? that we have extra tickets??
Shwe - okie. Done. Booked.
Me- cool  :) now what do we do with these tickets???

Well i dont know what we'll do with those, but hey, thats us! book first and think later :p
Whatever said and done.. its HARRY POTTER... and its worth it! *grin*

*Three cheers to Harry potter*

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