Ramblings #3

Todays turn of events:

I feel much much better today. Maybe bcoz i woke up late had breakfast and then again slept like a log. Its been days since i had such a deep sleep. Very refreshing.

The trap used to catch the rat ( read RatStory first in case you dont know ) has been moved from its place (by the rat?) . The trap is closed, the food has vanished, but there is no rat. I guess we are dealing with a super-rat here. Apart from vanishing from a closed cage, wonder what other powers its going to show.

I fell down today.. i was getting down the steps at dominos and at the last 3 steps... THUD!! Am down on my butt.. and i felt so bad.. not embarassed, even though a few people laughed, i really couldnt care less! but i fell down.. its frustrating coz i dint trip.. no one pushed me.. my heel dint break.. i just fell.. no idea how that happened..

And.. am happy today.. today is an overall happy day :) ( NOT bcoz i fell)

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  1. hee hee, 'bout having breakfast and sleeping again...back in college me and my flat-mate use to do the same thing over weekends...it's bliss :)

    good luck with the rat-trapping!! :D


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