What bloggers say and what they mean

What they say : I started blogging for myself. This is my space and my creative platform
What they mean : Okay its been three months and I have five followers. Five???!! Hmph.

What they say : I absolutely hate the "Follow me/I'll follow you back" kind of comments.
What they mean : So I left such comments on about 12 blogs and not ONE had the decency to follow me bak! Huh!

What they say : Oh my gosh! I absolutely love your blog!
What they mean : You better love mine right back!

What they say : I am hosting a giveaway as a thank you to my lovely followers!
What they mean : Ok faithful followers! Spread the word and get me more followers!

What they say : Sorry I've been MIA for so long!
What they mean : I have had the most boring, lifeless week and I have no clue what to blog about.

What they say : I am a fashion blogger.
What they mean : I click meaningless/grainy/blurry pictures of myself and post them on my blog
I cut/copy/paste pictures from fashion shows (from google of course) and post them on my blog
I am jobless. So I shop. Then I dress up. I make my boyfriend click my pictures. I post them on my blog. I shop again. Wheeee!

What they say : I don't think I can categorize my style. Its continuously evolving.
What they mean : I have no clue about what suits me. Mix and match? Umm... no idea! So I just look at my favorite bloggers, buy the same clothes and voila! I am a fashion blogger!

What they say : I just created a facebook page for my blog! Check it out!
What they mean : Check it out = Follow me. Also on twitter. And bloglovin. And Lookbook. And stylepile. And everywhere else. And of course GFC (Duh!) But don't stalk me if you spot me on the road. Now that following I don't like.

What they say : This xyz trend is so in right now!
What they mean : What? I know it looks hideous but everyone else is wearing it and since I have nothing better to do, I follow it too!

This is just for laughs. No offense meant to anyone! I know there are genuine bloggers out there and you guys know who you are :). But there is no denying that such (like the ones above) people exist too!
Truth be told, I am jobless right now with nothing better to do! 

Okay then, you! Follow me. NOW! ;)

Are you tired of these grey denims yet? Well you are going to be seeing a lot more of them this winter!

Walking backwards :P

Wearing :
Grey jeans - Recap 
Black tee - Lee
Black and pink polka dot top - Macys 
Bangles - Accessorize
Shoes - Rubi shoes (Sydney)
Bag - Gift 

p.s - I stopped writing this 'where-i-bought-what' list. But since I started getting comments from people asking me where I bought certain things, I just thought I'd start again! Let me know if you want this or not.. or if doesn't make any difference either way!

p.p.s - I absolutely loved Rockstar movie! I think I have a thing for weird story-lines and abrupt endings! And of course great music :)


  1. Did you make your boyfriend click these pictures, yet again? *winks*

  2. hahahaahhahahahahahahhaha.


    That was indeed funny. Anyway, cute outfit!

  3. Love the bag!

    BTW who clicks your pics?? :P

  4. Hahaha...I especially like the 6th one :)

    your top is really cute! and these pictures are great :)

  5. This fashion blogging thing has not caught up in Kerala. Whenever I ask an opinion from my friends about a style they shout back asking me If I don't have anything better to do :(. Anyways, nice post.

  6. Polka Dots = Cute you! :D And yes I mean it -_-" :P Oh, and I love the the third pic! And the brown tote bag! :D

    PS: Yes, I think I am one of those mentioned above :P "Sorry, I have been MIA for SO long" ;) :D

  7. This is so TRUE! Haha. Love it all. And you can't go wrong with grey denim. :)

    If Work Permits

  8. Couldn't stop laughing at MIA :D :D That's what I have been doing off late :D :D :D

  9. LOL.. good one..
    Loved reading all and yes agree with you that percentage of blogger in this category is more.

  10. LOL nice one..so true and the pics are amazing...not kidding ;)

    Ain't there this category of bloggers being absent or gayab for a longg period of time..if there is I top the list :P

    Take Care

  11. Outright Hilarious :)

    And the list of where-you-bought-what is good. Keep doing it :)

  12. Think I might be getting to the MIA part very soon.

  13. Hheheh good one !! And I dont think u come under those categories :P

  14. Ha ha I was giggling throughout :D

  15. Hahaha, okay i admit, this is funny and yes there are people out there :p
    You look lovely, i love the bag! :D


  16. @Technoflirt-
    haha no i dint ;)


    Thank you! :)

    Thanks! Mostly on my own!

    Thank you :)

    Its not that big even here. Actually none of my friends know the concept of blogging.. and not many bother to read my blog either! But who cares :P

    haha thank you!

    Yea true!

    haha.. I think ill have to start doing that soon!

    yeah i know!

    ok ill take your word for it :)
    hehe should i include that category too? :P

    ok will do :) thanks!

    Same here!

    really? am not so sure!



  17. hehehe..massst post..:):):)
    and yes i am going to follow you..:P
    the rest is upto you...:P:P:P
    *wink wink*

    and dude i just love the way you put your photographs in your posts..
    shows your confidence..!!


  18. I disagree with the second statement there! Some, mean it when they say so.

    :) I loved rockstar too and ahem...fashion blogger :)

  19. You are way too right! These made me laugh so hard. I think the same things when I read them!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  20. @meoww-
    haha.. thank you.. thank you ;) although that wasn't an order :P
    Thanks! :)


    If that's the case you should disagree with all the points. There are some, who mean exactly what they say. Yes including the fashion blogger bit :)


  21. The absolutely agreeable point is the giveaways. I don't understand the concept.. and people liking the blog just for the gift..
    And the polka dots top is cute! :)

  22. haha...so many bloggers and comments are actually about all that you've said.

    thankfully after some experience you can sieve the genuine from the just-for-the-sake types:-)

    i smiled through the entire list...you are one fashion blogger with a great writer's sense!:-)

  23. ROFL! I couldnt stop laughing.. nice post :)

  24. Loved that, it's quite true really!! Love the dots. I stopped putting where I buy things, it got annoying and just like other blogs, but if someone asks I will politely say, but I like finding things on my own, so I don't put where I got something snymore!! Hope you are well doll!! xx

  25. Uh oh...i saw your comment on my blog and followed you back here. Now seriously dunno if i should be following you or not...Should i ask you to follow me or not:P Whatever, i am following you girl:P

  26. @Pria-

    Yeah true! haha.. thanks for the compliment :)

    Thanks! :)


    haha that's okay ;)
    I already started following you!

  27. This is hilarious!! And I already follow you on Bloglovin & I live your blog so you better love mine right back :)


  28. I loved the movie too! And i dont think it was weird. :) Ranbir was fab. And ur post was absolutely hilarious!!

  29. I love the third picture. I wish I was that photogenic :S

    Thank you for your comment :)

  30. HAHA - Yes, we have all had experience with some of these people, haven't we? Got a big kick and laugh out of reading your "translations"
    Cute outfit! I love your purse - and you look beautiful in these photos!
    Thanks for you lovely comment, dear :)

  31. Jajajajjaja!!! Oooh that was great!! Hmmph and since I've been MIA for- like- forever, I'm probably fall under the category I have nothing to blog about ? :s jajaja

    But these are truly great!
    Hope you're doing great! Ohh and your bag is super cool.


  32. ahaha, I love what you wrote, sometimes I catch myself thinking some of that stuff or getting annoyed at some stuff, greatly written!!! :)



  33. @Gayatri-
    I think I do that already ;)


    If you have a good photographer you automatically become photogenic :P

    Thank you so much :)

    Hey welcome back :)
    Thank you!

    Thanks! :)
    Keep visiting!

  34. haha nice one... many of these "translations" are spot on!

  35. All TRUE :-) I really enjoyed reading this. It's funny that people think that fashion defines who they are. It's what you love, it can't be who you are. Any hoo.

  36. Haha, nice one! Reminds me of that thing in the Koffee with Karan show.. "what do stars really mean when they say..."

    Good read!

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  38. :D LOL, sounds just about right!! Sucha bunch of hypocrites us Bloggers can be:P

    And I like tops with bows and tiny frills and all:) It makes one look girly and pretty:)

  39. Love your sense of humour:) just came across your blog:) nice:)


Appreciate all your comments! :)