Pink and Blue

Sweltering heat in the middle of "winter" - check
Heavily embelished work saree - check
Sitting outdoors in the heat in your heavy saree - check
Crowds and crowds of people - check
Trying my level best to avoid people stepping on my saree - check
A friend who has worse luck than you ('coz she broke her heel right in the middle of the crowd and had to literally drag her foot) - check

Perfect way to spend a sunday morning, don't you think?

Another friend of mine got hitched. Yeah shocking. When she gave me the news two weeks back I was secretly happy that I had finally run out of weddings to attend. All my friends have been very consistently getting married one after the other over the past two years. Just when I thought this would be the last one for a while, another friend dropped by today to give her wedding invitation for next Sunday.

One thing that I don't like about weddings is standing in those long queues that lead up to the stage so that you can go wish the bride and groom, shove a gift into their hands which is immediately swallowed by the huge gift-pile behind them (and sometimes is even lost), give them a hug and stand for that obligatory picture with them, with those harsh camera lights shining on your face, and the rest of the crowd staring at you. I don't know about other weddings but this is the case with most Indian weddings.

Now if and when I do get married, there is NO WAY that me and my (future) hubby are going to stand like a pair of statues on the stage and wait for 500 odd people to slowly push and shove their way and come up just for the sake of a picture. I'd rather walk around and mingle with all the guests even if my feet drop dead at the end of the day.

In fact I have quite a huge list of do's and dont's for my wedding. A lot of specific do's and dont's. And I can be very stubborn and moody when things don't go my way(specially if its my wedding!), so my family is going to have a tough time with me! Make way people - a full fledged bridezilla is on her way!

Saree - borrowed from cousin.
Next weekend I am sticking to my simple and elegant personal choice from my own wardrobe!



  1. love the saree and you look like a doll!

    xo NAV

  2. such a pretty saree...suits you!!! :)

  3. Verrryyyy Pretttyyy!!!! :D :D :D

  4. That's such a beautiful saree!
    Oh wow, I had no idea most Indian weddings were like that, that must be awkward!
    - Laura S

  5. u looking sweet in pretty heavy saree :)

    n the things u hate about a marriage... aah u just put my heart out there. I feel the same. :P

  6. We did exactly that - mingle with the crowd. Didn't stay on the stage for any functions! :)

    Looking very pretty here!

    ♡ from ©

  7. Mingling with the crowd is a great idea and I would want to listen all your ideas though :P

    Saree look is again pretty pretty! You look great in sarees :)

  8. You look so pretty Chnadana!! :D :D Like SO pretty!!!!! I love the colors on and's making you glow!!! :D :D :D <3 :*

    PS: I know I've been missing. :/

  9. colours of the saree are very pretty! you look adorable in it, the little black bindi suits u a lot

  10. Thats a lovely saree and someone's gonna steal that from you! I too have one in the same combo, its just awesome:)Agreed about the wedding guest queue, its tiring and irritating:(

  11. Thats true about the weddings. Its so awkward. The sari looks simple and neat. I like that combo and had a dress


  13. Pink and Blue combo suits you so well and you really look like a doll... So cute... And yeah, mingling with the guests instead of posing on the stage for endless photos that all bear the same tired smile appeals to me so much...

  14. hey, not everyone can mingle around at their own wedding...certain things you just have to grin and bear to avoid the hassles connected otherwise...
    and the saree looks so pretty on you-but all pinned and all...let it flow from one side:-)

    just a suggestion-why don't you experiment more with your hair..they are nice and long and should be more styled!
    and also try to pick up more backdrops..i hope you don't mind-just felt it would add more to the shots:-)

  15. @Suruchi-
    My cousin did it at her wedding.. I thought it was a nice idea but lets see! Mine is far far away!
    The pallu was so heavy and the work on it kept getting caught onto doors and chairs.. so pinned it up :/

    Okay done!
    I am lazy when it comes to hair.. hehe.. but will try out something different.
    And backdrops.. this is something that even I've been thinking about. Definitely it adds more to the pics. But the only prob is ill be able to scout for locations properly only on weekends. So i can post only once a week. Hmmmm... Ill figure something out!
    Thanks for the suggestions :)

  16. I so so so love that saree!!

    And you I swear, look gorgeous.

  17. Ohhhh I hate the obligatory picture is so weird and embarrassing..
    Love your saree!!

  18. You look great :)
    my and my husband's jaws were hurting by constantly smiling on the stage and believe me the smile just sticks there, you really can not move the muscles ;)
    so mingling with the crowd is definitely the best way :)

  19. None of my do's and don's coming true ...Thanks to my ultra traditionalists parents who believe Iv to look and behave like a perfect Malayali bride on the D-day :(

  20. OMG I loveeeeeeee your saree and what a beautiful color suits you and even that ring...gorgeous :)

    Sorry been away for a back to fulltime blogging :D

    btw i changed my blog url kindly update :)

    P.S. this is SG shhh ;-)

  21. Why do I always get notifications of your blog on m dashboard two days late? :/
    I hate the take-token-and-stand-in-the-queue-to-get-photo-taken ritual at weddings. Ok, maybe the token bit is not true. But it's so embarrassing. At most weddings, people have to literally drag me to the stage at the very end to get a photo taken. Till then, I would be hiding somewhere at the back of the hall. :/

    The saree looks lovely. :) Put on a little bit of weight, girl. A saree will look more gorgeous then.

  22. Sweltering heat in December??? Where exactly are you staying!? I hardly got out of the house in Pune( well more because of laziness) but it's freezing in Chandigarh. Don't feel like getting out of the blanket. And yeah, nice saree :)

  23. :) Broken heels, sigh....I am glad that hasn't happened to me :)

    Pinks and blues never fail to impress....

  24. Gorgeous this post!

  25. You look marvelous..really stunning colours!! x

  26. LOVE your outfit- from the colors to the details.

  27. You know even I didn't want a 'staged reception'. Unfortunately all my ideas were tossed out by my in-laws and I had a properly cheesy reception. But then I realized it's the marriage and not the wedding that matters. And that's how I kept myself from having a mental breakdown!!!

    Love your saree.

  28. Look at you, all pretty in pink:)
    You've lost weight? Or do you look thinner in sarees?

  29. @Peevee-
    Lost weight :( Horribly!

  30. I can see your collar bones :| And your neck looks longer than before.

    How is it that you're losing weight and I'm gaining? Would you mind taking some off of me, please :|

  31. WOW! Very pretty sari. XOXO


  32. And ya I agree with Suruchi. You should do something different and style your hair :)

  33. Haha! I loved the post.. and even I hate standing long queue's . And most annoying thing is when they click pics while eating grrrrrrrr. I hate it.. We I have already decided lots of do and dont's for my wedding.. Im going even I'm going to be a bridezilla! BTW loved ur saree :D


Appreciate all your comments! :)