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Label Ritu Kumar – Look 2

June 22, 2015
Sometimes outfits come together in the most unexpected ways, and this was definitely one of those times. I was browsing through an endless selection of tops that I could pair with this delicate skirt but couldn’t find anything interesting. Almost on the verge of giving up, I picked up a simple black top and decided to go heavy on the accessories. It was then that I spotted this pretty number peeking from in between a row of heavily embellished dresses. Although part of a co-ord trouser set, I loved how pleasant the blue looked against the skirt. With the floral print of the top matching the self (floral) print of the skirt, and the embellished collar, there couldn’t have been a more perfect choice. Playing with contrasting textures, I went for oxidized silver jewelry against the delicate nature of the outfit. I decided to get a little whimsical and add a maang tika as well albeit a tiny one.

The shoot for this outfit was literally a race against time. What I wanted to create was an outfit that would be apt for multiple occasions. Looking at the pairing below, it is perfect for any formal family function. Minus the heavy earrings and maang tika, you have a regular day outfit. After failing to shoot at the original location planned for this outfit, and with the sun rapidly setting, I was close to panicking and was convinced we had missed the ‘golden hour’. It’s during those chaotic moments that you are sometimes struck by brilliant ideas and that was when I realized the lakeside right behind my house is the best backdrop for this outfit.

Once we got there, it hardly took me ten minutes to frame the kind of shots I wanted. The graveled path, the mossy greens, the lake in the distance, and the breeze – it just made it all the more easier to wrap it up in half an hour!

Label Ritu kumar, spring summer collection

Label Ritu kumar, spring summer collectionLabel Ritu kumar, spring summer collection Label Ritu kumar, spring summer collection Label Ritu kumar, spring summer collection

 Skirt & Top РLabel Ritu Kumar

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