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Label Ritu Kumar – Look 3

June 28, 2015

Simplicity and genuineness – two qualities that I value a lot and try my best to project in every aspect of my life. Be it as a friend or as a human being (or even when dressing up!). Sadly, those are qualities that are fast being replaced with masks of deceptiveness, dishonesty and questionable actions. I believe there is a bit of unadulterated fairness in every person, but people don’t choose to play fair. Making up rules as you go, blurring the lines between fair and unfair, bending facts to suit your needs, finding excuses to justify your selfishness – in short, being a total douche-bag is what people choose to be most often. Picking sides is easy and convenient. Picking the right side takes courage. It’s been a while since I’ve met such people. People who pick sides not because of the looks but the honesty, not the money but because of the humility, not because of what could-have-been but what is and what shall be, people who are genuine and want to play fair and not excuse themselves for their actions and live in denial thinking what they are doing is for the ‘greater good’.

Coming back to what we all like talking about, clothes. Superficial as it is, it still gives me a sense of satisfaction to know that I am able to project my core values onto something as frivolous as fashion. When the world around you is hell bent on breaking you, and turning you into one of them, little things like this matter. Fashion is probably one of the easiest ways to project the kind person you are or the kind of person you want to be. Dressing up gives you the freedom to slip into various persona, and be anyone that you want to be.

This is the last look that I styled for Label Ritu Kumar. The simple, traditional colors of the dress really appealed to me. The green with the pink border is a typical color in South India, specially for half-sarees. I felt like I was traveling back in time, back to my childhood, where birthdays, functions or any occasion meant wearing a half-saree. When trapped by the noise of the world, of others opinions, go back to your core, go back to your inner voice, listen to it and know that as long as your actions are genuine, the solution is always simple!

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Dress: Label Ritu Kumar | Hathpool and earrings: Local jewellers store in Hyd

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  • Reply Saily Patre June 29, 2015 at 7:33 am

    Had seen this dress in the showroom. Looks damn pretty on you Chandana. x0x0

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