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Chasing sunshine

July 29, 2015

Life right now seems like a maze with me trying to navigate it and only coming across dead ends. Happens once in a while doesn’t it? Off late the more I try to grab opportunities and take control of my life, the more things seem to slip off from my hand. But that doesn’t mean we stop chasing the sunshine right? It’s a constant process of trying to find a balance between being satisfied with what you have and with aiming higher for your goals in life. And when you find that balance you have truly succeeded. Recently I came across a brand whose name seemed to echo that exact sentiment. Miss Chase, a newly launched brand for the urban woman, the college fashionista, and the goal chaser. Their pieces are wearable, stylish and creative. By providing European runway inspired pieces at affordable prices, Miss Chase makes it possible to chase your goals, one stylish step at a time.

misschase1 misschase2 misschase3 misschase4 misschase5

Outfit: Miss Chase | Clutch: Miss Chase | Shoes: Steve Madden

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