August 26, 2015

As a blogger it’s my daily job to be up-to-date on latest trends, what’s in fashion and what’s not. As much I believe in personal style over following trends, I find that keeping abreast of the happenings in the fashion industry, helps me push my creative limits further and makes me experiment more. I never follow trends blindly and would never recommend that ever. But a constant exposure to the industry experts always helps in broadening your perspective and giving you fresh ideas. Every few days I browse all my favorite shopping websites, especially the ones that I know are the first to stock up on the latest collections and international trends. It also helps when I get readers’ queries asking where they can find a particular item, because I need to have the answer ready! As an influencer, that part of my job where I can give my readers what they need is of utmost importance for me.

Often you’ll find me with about ten tabs open on my laptop screen, each to one of my favorite and popular shopping sites in India. Sometimes I find myself sourcing for a shoot and short on time, and that’s when the frantic browsing and googling starts for whatever products I need to complete that look. And yes it gets crazy, especially when I have a deadline! It was on one such occasion that I came across StyleBuys, which simply put is an answer to all my sourcing problems and tensions! StyleBuys is a fashion search engine that lets you search for any product you want and displays all the ‘results’ from the websites of retailers that they have partnered with.

Haven’t we all wished at some point or the other that we could just ask google where we could find a particular red dress or those perfect block heels you saw a random girl wearing? It definitely would save a lot of time and effort than browsing every store that existed. Well, now you have your very own search engine to do exactly that at the click of a button. And I tried it out myself.

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Go through the category options provided or simply enter whatever you are searching for into the search bar


Browse through the various retailers who are stocking the product that you want. Check out the pricing as well and pick the one you like the best.


Click on the selected piece to go directly to the retailer’s website and make your purchase! Done in just three steps!


StyleBuys is a platform that aggregates products for user’s convenience. When you decided to buy any one of the products, one click on the button and it takes you to the retailer’s website where you can complete your purchase. So you are directly buying from the retailer’s website and can be rest assured that the processing and shipping will be done by them. No fear of a third party handling the goods and the hassle of trying to co-ordinate between them all in case of an issue.

I for one, have been loving using the platform, if not to buy at least for browsing. In a quick second it gives me all the different options available, allowing me to choose the best piece of all at the best price. So the next time you have a fashion dilemma, hop on to StyleBuys and search for your perfect piece!

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