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VLCC DNASkin | Blogger’s meet

August 9, 2015

Last week I attended a blogger’s meet at VLCC for a session about the new procedure that they have started – DNASkin. VLCC is a well renowned brand both nationally and internationally with a presence in 17 different countries. Although I had visited their salon once, I have always known them to be a slimming center. The new procedure that they started for skin treatment and a specialized treatment that takes a closer look at your DNA and the mutation in your DNA.

1) Collagen Dehydration/Synthesis – Collagen is for skin firmness, and as we age collagen production decreases.

2) Antioxidants – Our body produces antioxidants (besides just receiving that in our diet from Vit.E and Vit.C rich food), which protect our skin from free radicals to aging.

3) Skin Hydration – Ability for skin to hold water and glycerol

4) Sun Protection – UV radiations damage the skin, while skin has certain repair proteins that can help recover the damage but if those proteins don’t work due to any mutation, then it’s not going to be good!

5) Skin Sensitivity/Inflammation – Inflammation is our body’s immune/allergic reaction. Sometimes due to genetic makeup, some people have over sensitive skin.

6) Glycation (Damage from Sugar) – Excess sugar cause degradation of collagen, formation of free radicals and premature skin aging!



In this procedure they take a swab of your DNA from your buccal cavity, and generate a report on various parameters that are responsible for how your skin looks. The approach is more scientific and personalized to suit your specific needs and so would give superior results. Dr.Yasmin, walked us through the entire process of how they do it, and all in all it seems like something that you could give a try, if you are tired of generic treatments. Visit your nearest VLCC center for more information!

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