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September 21, 2015

My everyday handbag is usually a constant and I don’t change it often, mainly because I’ve reached that phase where my focus is more on the utilitarian factor rather than changing it up everyday to match a new outfit. Like any typical girl I tend to carry a whole lot of necessary and unnecessary stuff in my bag, and the thought of having to shift a million things and more to a new bag each time I need to head out doesn’t make sense at all. Not that I haven’t tried, I did; only to realize at some point that my charger or my notepad is in the other bag right when I need it the most. Baggit was an ever present presence during my college life. It was one of those affordable, durable and stylish brands that sustained me through all my student years. What started as a home purse designing business for Nina Lekhi, founder of Baggit, soon became one of the country’s leading brands. And with the kind of designs that baggit produces – colorful, comfortable, and for every occasion, its not a surprise that the brand is in this position today. Baggit recently launched their Fall/Winter ’15 collection at Lakme Fashion Week, full of deep hues and metallic greys. I went through the collection and chose a dark teal blue structured bag that would be perfect for formal wear. The little ‘kangaroo pouch’ housing a houndstooth printed separate ipad sleeve makes it perfect for that stylish working woman. And a bag that has enough zippers to separate my files from my make up stash, and allows me to slip my hand in to pick my car keys in a jiffy without having to rummage inside for half an hour and spill the contents of my bag on the hood of my car and still not finding them (yes, I’ve done that) is a win for me! And so is this!

You can check out the collection here.

You can also ‘Bag’ these beauties while you are at it!

Baggit1 Baggit2 Baggit3 Baggit4 Baggit5 Baggit6 Baggit7 Baggit8Dress, Earrings: oasap.com | Bag: c/o Baggit | Shoes: Done By None

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