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Clean & Clear #SeeTheRealMe

September 23, 2015

As bloggers we are often pushing ourselves to put our best foot forward. Very few professions involve handling such a vast array of functions on a daily basis, that would otherwise be handled by specific teams and departments in a corporate structure. Although primarily a creative space, blogs have started evolving into launchpads for businesses, collaborations and various other opportunities. And with such opportunities come an equal amount of hardships and responsibilities. In the chaos that ensues, of juggling between various tasks, it’s always important to not lose yourself, to not beat yourself up about your choice of career, clothes, your looks, your complexion or your shape. When Clean and Clear launched their campaign of #SeeTheRealMe, I thought it was a nice way of showing a side of me that’s not usually seen on the blog. The real me that is goofy, funny and sarcastic. The real me is afraid of failure but doesn’t stop forging ahead. The real me that hates putting on makeup (in fact I rarely do, even for shoots). The real me gets insecure about her looks some times. The real me has good days, bad days, and days that are even worse.

cleanandclear cleanandclear

Clean and Clear’s new range of morning face wash, inspires young girls to show their ‘real side’. The face washes come in three yummy fragrances – energizing lemon, brightening berry and a purifying apple. They contain natural extracts of strawberry, lemon and apple and come with soft bursting beads that gently burst with an energizing fragrance on your skin. They look like tiny little pearls floating in a colorful frozen sea. Almost too precious to use! I have very sensitive skin and was quite apprehensive about reviewing these as I don’t experiment much when it comes to face wash. But using these for a week put all my fears to rest as it caused no break-outs at all. I also love that it tones and tightens your skin and leaves it feeling very smooth and fresh. We are all told time and again that less is more, and when it comes to these products I think that is exactly what I would recommend. Time to let your face breathe a bit and ditch those foundations, bb creams and concealers. Step out with confidence every morning, with a a fresh face and a fruity fragrance and flaunt the real you!

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