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Jazz up your home with Deco Home

September 25, 2015

I have major plans on how I want my home to look, what colors are the walls going to be, where am I going to be hanging my paintings and what sort of a patio am I going to have, when I eventually move into my own place. A walk in closet too, which I think is a given, so there’s no need for a special mention! But while I wait for that to happen, I decided to jot down a few ideas and implement some of them in my current home and my tiny bedroom. A lot of pinterest browsing leads to a head full of creative ideas, and those ideas need some sort of outlet! Last time I wrote about how you could create a unique workspace and what to keep in mind when designing one. This time we move on to the living area or maybe your cozy corner/nook in your house where you like to escape to for your personal time with a book or a coffee or the latest episode of Orange is the New Black. So jazz up your home with Deco Home, a brand that has some really cool decor products. I have already picked a few items that I know will instantly brighten up my room and living area.

deco home

Wall shelves: Decorative wall shelves are something I have been wanting for the longest time! I love books and I have an entire cupboard full of them, and its safe to say that I am running out of place for them. Wall shelves filled with books are a superb way of decorating your room without compromising on the utility factor. These wooden wall shelves are easy to mount and very elegant to look at.

Cushions: Be it a couch or a bed, decorative cushions are the best way to add some color and character. I would say go for a neutral colored couch and invest on colorful cushions and throws to keep changing up the look. Initially I always thought I wanted a statement couch, but that doesn’t leave much room for experimenting and innovating.

Door seals: This is something that I came across very recently and never realized how useful it was. Whether it is insects crawling in from under your door, the AC leakage, and sound leakage – door seals are your solution. They have flexible brushes at the end that neither shrink nor crack.

Deco homes has a lot of interesting products that range from wall décor to bedroom décor to adding interesting touches to your garden. If you are looking for a complete home makeover, then this is where you should head!

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