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Remix | Red maxi skirt 5 ways

November 4, 2015

In this ever transient world of fashion, it is easy to get swayed by the million options you have around you. Magazines, advertorials, celebrities, stylists and bloggers all telling you what to wear and what to buy. I personally do not like people telling me how I should or should not dress up. As a blogger, I only try and recommend good places to shop, and present ideas and a visual dose of inspiration for people. Most of the time magazines tend to portray fashion as something unattainable because of the heavy price tags. Because of this I decided to revive my #remix series on the blog. I know a lot of people (online and offline) who are horrified at the thought of other people finding out that they repeat clothes. Why is there a need to portray a certain kind of image where being fashionable means being able to splurge on a dress every single day and not repeating it ever?

I guess I belong to that category of people who would rather first save money, then spend some on travel & good food and then the rest on a shopping spree. Sometimes I get really lucky when picking a certain piece of clothing. This skirt was one such piece that I had picked almost eight years ago on a street shopping trip in Hyderabad. A bright red crushed skirt with gold detailing and I could see a lot of potential in the ways I could style it. Over the years, I have worn it plenty of times and managed to blog some of those times as well. I am all for shopping from within your closet, re-using pieces and remixing different items cleverly to maximize your options. Sadly I had to say goodbye to it recently (but an 8 year life span for something you picked on the street is extremely good!). Here are some ideas on how I’ve styled this skirt and how you can style a similar looking one!

Black shirt + Statement necklace

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Color block it with an ethnic top + statement necklace

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Go casual with a white tee + denim jacket

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Fusion wear with a white shirt + big jhumkas and statement necklece

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With a scarf + necklace

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  • Reply Trapti August 18, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    Pick the right and perfect outfit with the same stuff is an art.

    Smart repetition never gives you boredom😊

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