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10 reasons to buy the ASUS Zenfone2 Laser

January 10, 2016

So this is the third gadget in the ASUS series that I have had the privilege of experiencing! I would say the Zenfone2 laser is my most favorite out of all the three. After using this, the Zenpad7 doesn’t seem that great. The UI of the Zenpad specially has a lag when shifting from screen to screen whereas the laser responds at lightning speed at even the slightest touch. So here are 10 reasons to buy ASUS Zenfone2 laser.

The Zenfone 2 laser is the essence of simplicity and the smooth curvature of the phone, and the incredibly thin edge provides a better fit (better than the selfie phone). The phone that I received was a pleasant gold color, and the back cover has a unique hairline metal effect that is quite different and unique to this piece. It also has maximum viewing experience with a 72% screen to body ratio when compared with the iphone 6s 68.3% ratio. The display too is crystal clear. Some of the really cool features that I loved about the phone are:

1) It has dual speakers that make watching videos and listening to songs a great experience.
2) The Audio Wizard 2.0 is a powerful software using which you can select 5 modes for different scenarios – gaming, music, speech and smart mode.
3) It has an anti finger print coating that reduces cover glass friction by 23~34%
4) It responds to every touch even with gloves on!
5) It’s rear camera is 13 megapixel and front is 5 megapixel, both of which shoot brilliant pictures
6) It has a laser auto-focus that makes the picture clarity crystal clear
7) It works really well for HDR and low-light photography
8) Like the selfie phone it has a lot of modes that you can operate the camera in, like the manual mode, beautification mode and the selfie panorama mode
9) It has a dual sim functionality
10) The earphones (ZenEar) have an ergonomically designed fit, with precise interior structure, for a perfect fit to your ear

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