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Anarkalis from BIBA

January 27, 2016

Remember that first day at your new job? Fresh out of college and all of 20-21 years old, you suddenly start feeling like you have control over your life. And finally you are out of the college phase and you begin dressing a bit more mature, sophisticated and ‘corporate’! When I first worked in the corporate sector, I was extremely excited at the thought of revamping my entire wardrobe with new stuff. More than Western formals, I was almost always seen in Indian formals, and soon I was on a hunt for good brands where I could buy trendy kurtis and formal wear. Being on the thinner side all my life, I had a lot of problem finding my size in ready made clothes. Every brand of Indian wear would require trips to the local tailor and alterations. But then BIBA happened and the first time that I tried out BIBA I was ecstatic! Finally a brand that catered to my size! Their clothing has always fit me perfectly (I used to be an XS size back then), it was affordable, trendy, comfortable and they kept coming up with new designs quite often. This was about seven years ago and BIBA was one of the only brands that had such a load of variety in Indian wear. Thus started my long and never-ending association with BIBA. And the best part is you can now buy their products like Anarkali suits online through their website.

You’ve seen me wear some of their pieces here and here as well, and till date, this is one brand that I keep going back to again and again. Be it for casual wear, formal wear or even festive for that matter. BIBA has always done festive wear very differently in my opinion. The pieces are never extremely loud. In fact they have a sort of understated elegance about them, something very earthy, very Indian and extremely wearable. The colors they go for, the kind of fabric they use and the kind of designs¬† they come up with are never tacky or flashy. I’ve always said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and BIBA sticks to that principle to the core.

Recently BIBA launched their latest collection of Anarkali suits, and they are an absolute delight to wear! From earthy browns, to bright oranges and fuchsia to sea blues and greens they seem to have conquered the entire spectrum of colors. Anarkalis complement every body type and every occasion making them the most popular choice since the Mughal era. The long pleats, the flare around the legs add to the grandeur of the outfit. Having said that, they can be worn for various types of occasions ranging from grand destination weddings, to quiet family functions. They are also perfect for everyday wear, when you are in the mood to go the Indian route instead of sticking to your same old jeans and tee combo.

Here, I’ve picked some of the best pieces from the BIBA website based on how they can be styled for various occasions. Just for you girls! Have a look!

You can be at your best dressed and still be comfortable for all the running around that is required in every Indian wedding. Dance, pose for photographs, help the bride with her wedding tasks and still look your bright and colorful best in these wedding numbers.

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Family Function/Festivals
There is certainly no scarcity of festivals or functions in our Indian culture. Simple colours, elegant designs are your best choice when bonding with family members and enjoying the festivities.

anarkalis from BIBA, buy anarkalis online, women kurtas online india
Everyday Anarkalis
Nothing like a good old cotton anarkali to beat the summer heat! Just put these on, add a pair of cute jhumkas or chunky bracelets and you are ready to go!

anarkalis from BIBA, buy anarkalis online, women kurtas online india
Shop these outfits online at BIBA

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