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Planners 2016 | Nirmala Franklin

March 11, 2016

I can confidently say that I am an expert at planning and making lists (not so much at executing it all on time!). I have always been a list making person. I make lists for everything and everywhere. I have notepads saved on my laptop with to-do lists that date back years, I pull up an excel sheet for anything and everything and I have lists on my calendar app in my phone. This organized chaos worked for me for a while, but as things started piling up and important stuff started getting buried under all lists I made, I began to realize that it was quickly getting unorganized and chaotic. I have been searching for good planners for a long time now and I finally came across one I absolutely liked at

I’ve been using it for a week now, and it has everything that I need all in one place! No more to-do lists and post-it notes and reminders all over the place. I also thought this would be a good time to dish out a few tips on how you can plan your day and stay organized in general, specially when trying to run your own business or even otherwise.

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I basically use 3 planners that cover all of my needs:

1) One is my monthly/daily planner that I use to make notes, to-do lists, plan the entire month’s schedule, note down important dates of meetings and events, and plan out each day’s activities as well.

2) Second is my handy notebook which I use to basically scribble ideas, take notes during meetings, write drafts or sometimes just doodle.

3) Third is my ‘Late night ideas’ book. Well, this is not really a planner but it helps me immensely. This book has all of my late night musings, favorite quotes, inspirational poems, achievements and more. At any point of time when I am feeling down, or the stress is getting to me, I just take 5 min to scroll through the pages of this book and in no time, it gets me back on track. It works amazingly well on days when I need that addition push, the motivation and when I am lacking strength to give myself a pep talk. This acts as my coach perfectly! 😀

And that’s about it!  You can check out for more of her planners!

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