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New ways to wear your sneakers this season

June 11, 2016

The structure and height of your heels may lengthen your legs and give you the confidence boost that’s missing from our range of flats, but as we continue to obsess over the comfort of athleisure, we’re finding more reason to swap our painful footwear for a cool pair of kicks. Even celebrities are revealing their fondness for sneakers , as model BFFs Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid show up for their lunch date in crisp white trainers.


From sporty designs and directional reworks, there are plenty of styles of high tops and low tops to go around, giving you more options to incorporate into your day-to-day wear. While yoga pants and leggings are typically associated with sneakers, it’s worth experimenting with new outfit combinations to make the most out of your lace ups and pull ons.

Wear them with a lacy dress

Ballet flats and pumps will always be a good match for your lacy frock, but if you’re not feeling the ultra feminine look, try switching your shoes for a pair of sneakers in the same colour as your dress. A handful of fashion bloggers are digging the laid back twist to the girly ensemble , so look to them for inspiration.

Pair it with an all white outfit

Rework head-to-toe white with a colourful pair of sneaks to draw more attention to your shoes. Or if you’d rather keep your footwear white, select some low tops with an accent colour to base your outfit off of. Red patterns on your runners would look cute with white jeans, a white cardigan and a white tee with red stripes.

Combine them with your wardrobe staples

Everyone knows the clothing essentials: a great pair of blue jeans, a well tailored blazer, a striped button down, just to name a few. Sneakers work amazingly well with all these wardrobe staples that mix formal and casual items to form a classic outlook that is both chic and ageless. Whether you’re 25 or 55, there is no doubt that you’ll look fantastic in this ensemble.


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