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Minimalism – Say hello to the latest jewellery trend

September 16, 2016

Less is More! That’s the recent jewelley mantra on the block. Minimalism is what the jewellery aficionados are swearing by. So ladies, it’s time to declutter. It’s time to ditch your layered necklace for a set of pristine solitaires. Dazzle in the crowd with your classy style. Say bye to all things massive, all things bulky. Welcome the unfussy, welcome the elegant. So without much ado we bring you the top trending minimalistic jewellery patterns in vogue this season. We suggest, you make a note to light up your social circle with these avant garde pieces.

Edgy Geometric Designs

1An elegant neck piece with inverted triangles – Image Source –

A big winner this season and perhaps a top contender for many more seasons to come is jewellery in geometric patterns. This non-conformist style sets you apart from the rest. Since geometry is all about shapes, so rock your strings and studs in cylindrical, pyramidal, longitudinal or angular designs.

Complementing every attire, geometric shaped jewellery is ideal for women who want to keep it subtle and stylish. For instance, a cylindrical shaped earing is perfect for a cocktail or a board meeting. Geometric patterns will gel with almost every outfit of yours. But we suggest not to go overboard with the trend and not to team up multiple statement pieces in one go.

Negative Space Designs

2                Image source –

In some way an extension of geometric design is negative space . It is a philosophy that has redefined the craft. Modern and contemporary, the negative space designs highlight the empty areas between the object.

The iconic Holly K. Croft’s Necklace – Winner of the AGTA Spectrum Award and Platinum Honors showcasing the Negative Space design philosophy

These designs are not only chaos free but have also revolutionsed the jewellery market by making the pieces more affordable. Made of metals like platinum rose gold and diamonds, these jewellery designs are luxurious yet minimal.

Colourless Jewellery

3Elegant & Timeless Colourless Engagement Ring from Tiffany’s – Image source –

Colourless Jewellery cuts a lethal statement when it comes to minimalism. Handcrafted with Colourless diamonds and gem stones the exquisite range instantly ups the glamour quotient. Colourless engagement rings are especially a big rage this season. Colourless Jewellery is all about diamond jewellery designs embedded in colourless materials that add a sparkling charm to your persona, keeping the ostentatious display at par.

Band Shaped Rings

4Elegant Eternity Wedding band – Image source –

Diamonds or no diamonds, rings are an absolute favourite of Jewellery lovers.

Sometimes, a single ring can complete your look. Band shaped rings are in great vogue in minimalistic jewellery genre and one can choose from plethora of designs available with online retailers like

Quintessentially meant to be exchanged as weddings rings, in the contemporary fashion circuit these rings symbolize superior taste. Having said that, you don’t really have to wait to say “I do” before donning the band shaped ring. Besides vintage designs, band shaped rings also come in several contemporary patterns and can be worn at casual as well as formal occasions.






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