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Biker chic

December 22, 2016

I’ve always wanted to be a biker chick. For the longest time during my teenage and college years, I tried to find someone who would teach me to ride a bike. I was pretty comfortable on a gearless scooter but to handle something with gears was new to me. Sadly I didn’t meet anyone who was willing enough to lend me a bike and their time, and that little dream took a backseat in life. By then I had graduated to driving a car and I got so used to it that anytime I sat on a bike I just felt ‘exposed’ to the road. And combined with that, the traffic and pollution was enough to keep me away from bikes altogether. Once I started blogging, the urge came back, but this time I think it was purely because of how ‘fashionable’ it sounded. Yes it was a superficial reason, but there’s something about a biker jacket and boots that lends a toughness to your look, and therefore your personality.

An impromptu shoot happened when I felt my outfit sort of resembled what I had always dreamed of. I’m a fan of anything military inspired, and this jacket from Romwe.com was an instant purchase. The color of the jacket, with patches, was instant attraction. Although I would prefer to have been riding a bike, I’ll satisfy myself by posing with it until that actually happens. This has also inspired me to create a much better planned and executed shoot around the same concept. You don’t always need to don the cliched leather jacket and boots for a biker chic look. So stay tuned for future posts that would explore this concept in more detail!

Romwe1 Romwe5

Romwe4 Romwe2 Romwe3Jacket: Romwe.com

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