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Wedding ready with Khazana Jewellery – Part 2

December 29, 2016

The past couple of months have literally rained weddings on all of us, flooding our newsfeeds with updates and pictures. Of course I’m very much including myself as part of the ‘newsfeed flooding’ group. As an excited new bride/bride-to-be you can’t help but want to share tidbits of the entire journey every now and then. As brides are becoming more experimental with their choice of outfits and colors, I’ve been seeing some really stunning bridal outfits off late. While a lot of them still stick to traditional silhouettes and colors, there’s a growing tribe of brides that are open to experimenting and adding their own personality to each and every outfit. The urge to stand out and do something unconventional is always a good thing as it pushes you to think outside the box.

Inspired by many such pictures that I keep seeing on my feed, I decided to do the same for my next look with Khazana Jewellery. While browsing through their collection, I came across this absolutely stunning dust pink/rose gold choker set with matching jhumkas. This was the first time that I had come across a design like this, and it was unique and perfect for my look in every sense. So in tune with that I decided to opt for a lehenga color that no bride would normally ever go for. This chocolate brown lehenga stole my heart the very first time I saw it. I think it’s a one of a kind color and yet looks rich and grand as it should. If you are a bride-to-be, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors even if they are not traditionally ‘wedding colors’. Have an open mind, and you never know, you might find your color!

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We had Sheraton Hyderabad as location partners for this shoot as well, and let me tell you, they have one of the best spas that I’ve seen in the city. Currently they also have Pre-Bridal and Post-Bridal spa treatments that are specifically designed to suit your individual needs. Some of their treatments like Kokum butter & honey wrap and honey & milk bath are a treat for your senses.

The pre-bridal package consists of 3 treatments – Body Polisher hydrating crystal rose, hydrating rose facial and aromatherapy.

Priced at Rs.17,800

Duration: 345 minutes

The post-bridal package consists of 3 treatments – Sheraton signature (customized treatment of head/back/legs with hot stones and herbal warm bundles), kokum butter and honey wrap, and a bath salt (honey & milk bath)

Priced at Rs.17,800

Duration: 135 minutes

Outfit Details:

Jewellery: c/0 Khazana Jewellery

Lehenga: Kalaniketan

Photography: Meghna Chinaiah

Location: Sheraton Hyderabad




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  • Reply Darek Novak February 4, 2020 at 6:47 am

    Hey Chandana,

    Your wedding outfits are so different than those in Europe. I photograph a few Indian weddings here in Europe and they are beautiful. great experience to see your culture1

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