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Goa 2016 LookBook

January 18, 2017

Last year we had gone on a week long vacation/honeymoon to Goa. After all the wedding madness, which lasted more than an year, we were so exhausted that we just wanted to chill somewhere close by. So having crossed out all the typical honeymoon destinations like all the European cities, Bali, Maldives, Mauritius etc. etc., we decided to stick to good old Goa. Honestly, good food, drinks and a beach Рthat was all we were looking for. Sometimes I feel that, going to exotic locales and destinations for the honeymoon, has become more of a fad than genuine interest. Checking into places on facebook and showing off through loads of pictures from Santorini or Seychelles is really not my thing. Of course those  are breathtakingly beautiful places, but I would much rather plan a solid vacation there to satiate my love for traveling & exploring, rather than to just show off to people.

And it really didn’t hit me how big a thing this whole go-to-a-destination-that-no-ones-heard-of-and-probably-can’t-even-pronounce-the-name-of-the-place for your honeymoon was, until every other person started asking me

“Goa? Really?”

“Why? What’s wrong with Goa? Good beaches, good food, good parties, good resorts, cheap flights.”

“But, its your honeymoon!

Exactly. MY honeymoon. And I’d much rather spend it confined in the resort and spend time with my husband, rather than go someplace exotic and go sight seeing because I’ve already spent a bomb coming there in the first place. You know, paisa vasool.

Everybody has different priorities. Mine was to not blow up our combined life savings on one exotic vacation. Especially after having spent so much on the wedding.

Anyway, irrespective of everybody’s opinions, we had a blast to say the least. And I thought it would be fun to put together a compilation of all my Goa looks (some of which I had already shared on instagram)

Look 1

Airport lookJeans: Levis | Shirt: OASAP | Hoodie: Max Fashion | Shoes: Ginger Lifestyle

Look 2

Day1Shorts, T-shirt, Sandals: koovs.com | Hoodie: Max Fashion

Look 3

Day1-4Dress, sandals: koovs.com

Look 4

Day2Shorts: Myntra.com | T-shirt: Unlimited Stores | Sandals: Koovs.com

Look 5

Day4Kimono: Anjuna Flea Market

Look 6

Day5Shorts: Forever21 | T-shirt: Ginger Lifestyle

Look 7

Day6-1Dress: Dresslily.com | Hat: Anjuna Flea Market

Look 8

Day6-2Shorts: Forever21 | Swimsuit: Prettysecrets.com

Look 9

Day6-4Shorts: Forever21 | Tshirt: Thrift shopping

Look 10

Day6-5Shorts: Forever21 | Swimsuit: Nidhi Munim via jabong.com

Look 11

Day6-7Shorts: Forever 21 | Top: Dresslily.com

Look 12

Day6-8Dress, Sandals: koovs.com

Look 13

Day7-1Shorts: Forever21 | Top: ONLY



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  • Reply Vidya January 26, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Good thinking Chandana! Goa is the best! And you look super hot in each one of those outfits.

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