Hairstyle Ideas to spice up your V-Day

February 11, 2017

Valentine’s Day is a controversial holiday, some people celebrate it, others don’t, but nobody can stay indifferent to it. This day of love, romance and confessions is around the corner and if you want to spend it brightly, then you need a smashing outfit, an amazing makeup, and a splendid hairdo.

Do you want to impress a spouse, a boyfriend or a potential partner? Or do you want to look gorgeous and smarten up for your own pleasure? It doesn’t matter what your goal is, a brilliant hairstyle will bring you more confidence, pleasure and just will set up a perfect mood!

Even if you have short, long or medium locks, light or dark, sparse or dense, there are hairstyles, which will fit any hair type. Consider different versions, which I have chosen, and maybe you’ll find your inspiration for Valentine’s Day.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

There’s a plenty of alternatives for owners of long locks: sultry ringlets, romantic braids, or cute ponytails. Let’s see some of them.

Braids on Loose Hair

Stick to the rule of three E in your haircut, it should be enigmatic, easy, and elegant. Let your hair fall down loosely, but add a zest – enchanting braids, which will attract the eye. Also, let your locks cover the back, but keep your neck open. The hairstyle may be perfectly combined with fashionable lingerie – style dress. Go for experiments and rock the world!

Alluring Curls

Do you have glossy, long tresses? You shouldn’t do something special about them, as they already look magnificent. You may give a definite shape to curls using a curling iron, it will make them more textured and fix them with spray. Besides, let them fall loosely, and if they are cut as a cascade, curly strands will look more voluminous.

Flirty Ponytail

A ponytail is plain but at the same time a chic hairdo. You may combine it with braids on the head, make it fluffy and let wisps frame the face coquettishly. Fix the ponytail with hidden bobby – pins and have strands curled. Moreover, finish your look with an awesome outfit and your boyfriend will be lost for words when he sees you.

Updos for Medium Hair

Even if you have medium hair, you may maintain a remarkable look! Charming naturally messy locks with braids or flowers will perfectly fit your style regardless how you plan to celebrate the holiday.

Boho Hairstyle

Nothing can be more romantic than a Boho haircut for Valentine’s Day! Curls gathered in a low bun, tousled curly strands or loose waves with a thin braid – everything will look marvelous on medium locks. Let your haircut be an integral part of your flawless look.

Soft Bun with Face – Framing Tresses

Nothing can be more feminine than gentle wisps, which frame the face. Gather strands into a messy or slick bun, let separate tresses be pulled out of the bun, they will make the look softer. Besides, you may have the top layer curled, it’ll make the haircut more volumetric. Wear a gorgeous open-neck dress and you’ll be inimitable!

Slicked Back Hair

This trendy hairstyle is easy to do at home. All you need is a few minutes, mousse and a blow dryer. Comb locks backward and open your beautiful face. On top of that, the hairstyle works well with smoky eyes makeup and a stylish dress. Classics have been always in fashion, and your date won’t take eyes from you!

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Do you have short tresses and can’t find something out–of–the–box for Valentine’s day? Don’t despair! Short locks may look attractive if you play with textures and shades. If your natural hair is curly, lucky you! If your locks are flat, then you should spend some time to have them curled.

Short Wavy Hair

Be an exceptionally beautiful woman on this special holiday and make the hairstyle offbeat. Make distinctive curls, fix them with finishing spray or create the effect of wet hair. It is up to you what to choose, the only thing is that the hairstyle should be the perfect accompaniment to your makeup and clothes.

Glitter Roots

Glitter roots will perfectly complement your festive look! If you shine with happiness on this day, then the brilliant pigment in the hair is for you! You can leave your hair loose or have them braided and decorate roots.

Messy Pixie

Tousled layered strands create the impression of slight negligence, which is very attractive. Moreover, this haircut can make you more feminine and accentuate your facial features. Are you brave? Then do not hesitate to choose this hairstyle!

So, Valentine’s Day is a great reason for being bright, daring, attractive, stylish and unusual. Experiment with your hairstyle, be creative and you will be in the spotlight on this day!


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