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Work it! {Summer edition}

March 9, 2017

So I officially gave myself (and the rest of you) permission on my instagram yesterday to start cribbing about the weather. This has been a yearly ritual of mine, so why skip it this time right? It’s the perfect conversation starter, the filler when you run out of things to talk, and the one thing you can put all the blame on for your entire day/mood. The one way to brighten my mood is to dress for the weather making sure that I’m ‘physically’ comfortable, which ensures that mentally I’m somewhat at peace and not biting people’s heads off every other second. I’m someone who is very easily affected by extreme weather. And the problem is that most of the time my ‘extreme’ is everybody else’s normal. So when I am putting on layers of jackets, people around me are commenting on how pleasant the weather is, while I’m freezing to my bones. Same is the case with summer weather and rainy season as well. The moment those heavy downpours start, which seem to brighten everyone’s mood, I’m down in the dumps waiting for the sun to shine a bit again.

For someone like me who is ruled by the weather, comfortable and weather appropriate clothing is a must, which is why my second summer look is a ‘work look’ for those unbearably hot days. While I have the comfort of working from home on most days, sometimes I do have to step out for meetings, events or just because I want a change of scenery and decide to work from somewhere else. For such days, my go-to look would be a smart shirt and a pair of light denims that allow my skin to breathe. Add a big tote to carry all my stuff and my laptop and that’s it!

I was just wrapping up the shoot and stepping into my car when a woman came by and commented that she loved my outfit. So I guess that settles it! This IS the perfect summer work outfit!

Jeans, Shirt, Shoes: Lifestyle Stores | Bag: Kate Spade

Photography: Vyshakh Thaliyil





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