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The Fashion Essential List You Need to Travel Stylish this Summer

April 6, 2017

With the mercury soaring, and the sun-kissed beaches and mountains taking over our minds and imaginations, travel plans cannot be far behind. So where are you planning your summer sojourn, and more importantly what does your fashion travel scene look like? While we leave you to ponder and ruminate over your choice of destination, when it comes to traveling in style, we have you covered.

In this post, we tell you how to up the sartorial ante and get temperatures soaring with your cool and chic summer travel wardrobe.

The Cold-Shoulder Gets a Twist

Let’s begin with the greatest trend of last season, the cold shoulder of course. From Balenciaga to Marc Jacobs, we saw the one-shoulder trend in full force on the runways, and it has percolated down to the streets. This much-loved 80’s trend makes a huge comeback this year and must be a part of your summer travel wardrobe. Sport the ruffled one-shoulder trend in knee length dresses for those beach parties you will be attending. Play it down by putting your hair in a ponytail or sidebraid during the daytime while taking a stroll on the beaches, mountainside, or quaint, quiet villages. Make a coterie of light fabric, cold shoulder tops and pair them up with shorts, skirt, or linen pants to nail the summer diva look. These delicate darlings will barely occupy any space in your travel bag, but are versatile enough to create multiple wonderful outfits.

Pink is Definitely the New Black

Topping the summer trends are baby pink, candy pink, raspberry, deep cherry, peach and all the other shades of pink you can think of. From anti-fits and drop waists to flirty skirts and beach towels, pink is sure having its moment, and we can’t think of a reason why you should not be experimenting with Instagram’s favorite color.

Take Care of Your Tresses During Travel

Our hair frames our faces and adds much appeal and beauty. Long tresses like those of Kim Kardashian, and Gigi Hadid are making a big comeback this season. If last summer was about Bobs and pixies, this summer take care of your tresses and keep them long. From messy side-braids to push-up buns, and the twisted ponytail, long hair will keep you stylish and pretty throughout summers. And, then of course there are the beach waves and messy hair that are always stylish and eternally sexy. If you don’t have long locks already, but want to sport these edgy, pretty hairstyles, you can always take help of hair extensions. Most celebrities have embraced this trend and let’s face it, which of us would not like to experiment with our hair and hairstyles especially during travel when we have the luxury of time and leisure?

Keep Your Skin, Safe and Happy

Good skin can pretty much take care of more than half of your beauty goals. However, a lot of us tend to ignore our skin, or forget about the skincare regime when we have packed our bags and hit the travel button. Ironically, it should be the opposite. Travel gives you some free time on hand, which you will struggle to find on normal days. Take advantage of this time and pamper and give your skin some much deserved TLC. Start with packing a good sunscreen of SPF 30 and above. Load up on skincare freebies like exotic masks, fruit scrubs, hydrating cleansers and creams. Use them appropriately. Always remember to cleanse your skin thoroughly at the end of the day, and lather on some light weight night cream or mousse. Wake up to fresh, dewy and glowing skin and be one gorgeous traveler.

Pack Up the Slogan Tees

Whether you are the laidback traveler, a glam diva , or alternate between the two while traveling, your luggage is incomplete without the most fashionable and comfortable piece of the season-the slogan tee. From Rita Ora to Cara Delvinge, everyone is letting their shirt do the talking. Team these up with knee length skirts, denims, cotton shorts and dungarees for a morning hike or strolling through the beach or museums. Fix it up with a sexy leather skirt, ankle high boots, and a black lacy choker, and you are ready to party through the night and look like a million bucks. Slogan tees are a great way to give a mood heads up or just make a statement without saying anything. Besides wouldn’t you just love wearing something that says ‘Everyone Should be a Feminist’? I know I would.

What’s Summer Travel Without Some Flower Power?

Florals are synonymous with summer and for good reason too. There’s something bright, and beautiful about summers and spring. And that’s true for flowers. Go all out with florals this season in sundresses, summer duster jackets. Incorporate them in your summer scarves, bandannas, anklets and all else you can think of. Though one-shoulder is the trend in focus, make sure to pack your off-shoulder, floral dresses and tops. They are incredibly easy on the eye and perfect for a vacation.

Stack on the Comfiest Sandals

When there is travel, there is also going to be a lot of walking. So make sure you pack a lot of comfortable footwear for your trip. But do remember to keep it light. A pair of cool sneakers can double up as your biking shoes, and look fun and youthful with your summer dresses as well. A pair of stylish sturdy sandals, and one pair of heels (if you are keen on some serious partying) is all you need for your summer trip. Most of us go berserk when it comes to shoes and pack a few too many. Remember to only carry the most versatile and comfortable pair of shoes when traveling.

You Will Need the Sunglasses

No matter how much you like the sun and the outdoors, you will still need to protect yourself from the sun, and do it with style and panache. Stock up on the coolest sunglasses this season. Get a retro vibe by picking up rainbow mirrored and oversized aviators. Get chic with a pair of wayfarers and all you are set to rock the vacation in true diva style.

To Conclude,

Armed with these tips, you are all set to be one fashionable traveler who will further set the temperature soaring in these hot months. While we have tried to give you a list of fashion essentials that strike the balance between functionality and style, if there is some other essential you think we have missed out for your summer travel plans, do write in to us in the comments section.

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