Your Guide To Getting Ready In Time For A Formal Event

June 10, 2017

Getting ready for a formal event is a daunting prospect. How soon do you buy your dress? When should you go for a hair trial? How soon before the event should you get a tan?

Heading into any formal event with a well-laid-out plan will see you breezing through the entire preparation process, and give you great knowledge of different fashion eras as you decide on your perfect style. What’s more, as appointments are harder to get closer to the big event, getting your name in the books early means a whole lot less to worry about later on. So, here’s our scoop on how to plan ahead for a special event.

Two Months Before The Event: Book the Beauty Appointments

Since everyone wants to get their hair, nails, and tan done right before the big event, aim to schedule at least two months in advance. If you are going to do your hair and makeup yourself, though, it’s time to start looking at different ideas and trying them out. Magazines and YouTube are great places to start when you want to learn beauty tricks or check out this season’s red carpet trends for some inspiration. In fact, why not scour the magazines for people who have your look, or ideal look, and experiment with the things you like? Remember to take pictures each time you try something out, since what you see in the mirror always seems to look different in photographs.

As for shopping for your dress, it is really never too early to check out the collections at https://www.promdressshop.com/dresses/events/prom. Their collection is not just exclusive to prom. They also have dresses for all kinds of formal events.

 Two Weeks Before The Event: Whiten Your Teeth

If you’re going to be using an at-home product to whiten your teeth, two weeks before the event is the perfect time to start.

A Week Before The Event: Get Your Facial

Typically, after most people get a facial, they tend to break out a little bit on the day or the day after since, during a facial, the skin gets rid of impurities. So, you are going to want to give your face enough time to recover.

A Week Before The Event: Time for Brow Maintenance

Do not try and do your eyebrows the day before, or even a couple of days before the event. You could end up getting marks and your makeup won’t sit properly. Get your eyebrows done about a week before. Risk doing it two weeks before and you may start to see regrowth.

Two Days Before The Event: Get a Tan

This is the time to get a professional spray tan, unless you have mastered the art of a sunless tan yourself. Aim to do a trial run about two or three weeks prior to the event. Getting a spray tan a week before, we must warn, may risk it fading before the big event. And, by day four, tans tend to go splotchy. Get your tan two days before and it will be even and fresh.

The Day Before The Event: Get a Manicure

Whether you are getting a professional manicure or doing it yourself, the day before the event is ideal.

Use this guide to ensure you are ready well before the big event.


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