Crop-Tops: A Style Statement Defined by Versatility

July 19, 2017

The 90’s trend of crop tops made a comeback a few years ago, and it is here to stay. From western wear to ethnic clothing, runways to street style and Hollywood to Bollywood, it has taken over the fashion scene everywhere.

Sport it for every occasion!

Talk about giving just that little sneak peek into the perfectly toned abs or just about accentuating the upper portion of your body – you can do so much with a crop-top!

Whether you have super toned abs or a little bit of flab, you don’t have to shy away from wearing a crop top. Certain aspects like the right material, the right length, choosing a printed crop top or a plain one, the length of the sleeves and so much more can make it suitable for your body type.

The Styles that you can Choose From

There are many ways in which you can actually style crop-tops to turn heads, irrespective of whether you’re heading towards the gym or the nearest mall.

Don’t be afraid to sport them with a high waist bottoms. The whole look adds a lot of height from above your waist and though they say that there is only a “coy glimpse of flesh on display”, a short-hemmed crop top can actually turn out to be one of the boldest fashion choices that you have ever made.

Go modest and still turn heads!

If you are still not confident about going too bold with your sartorial choice then you can definitely settle for the crop-tops with a modest feel. Look for the ones with longer length made of thicker sweater material. With this particular cut, it can be said that you are actually ready to take your baby steps towards the bolder choices.

Strike the perfect balance

If you are looking to tread the middle path between coy and bold, you can actually settle for a crop-top and midi look. Teaming up your crop-top with a bright midi skirt actually ensures that much of the attention is taken away from the top itself. A bright midi can always add a very different dimension to your personality.

Another – very fashionably intelligent way to sport a crop-top would be to opt for sleeves. Long sleeves actually go on to add a keen sense of balance to the entire ensemble.

Other choices

If you are not comfortable selecting something skin tight, you have got access to very stylish options as well. Opt for a cream or peach hued baggy top to get rid of the initial nerves associated with crop tops. Once again, team it with a formal skirt and you’re ready for office or for that matter any semi-formal event.

Make sure that you are choosing the dress with due discretion. Choose to trust the products of online stores that are backed by positive reviews.

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