Top 5 kurti designs to flaunt this season

July 26, 2017

As the summer heat is being cooled down with splashes from the monsoon rain, choosing an outfit that is trend, comfortable, airy and at the same time, won’t become completely transparent on getting drenched in the rain, is becoming a tougher task. However, there is one particular outfit that remains strong and apt for all occasions. Neither does it upset the sentiments of grannies, nor does it not do justice to being stylish. Any guesses? Yes, it is a ‘Kurti’- An ethnic outfit with a dash of modern fashion.
Anushka Sharma wearing it to a disco and flaunting it dancing to the beats of the Break Up song in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil just further validates the point that there is no place or occasion to which a ‘Kurti’ won’t do justice. However, fashion is an ever-evolving industry and every season has its own flavor and pick. So, let’s take a look at the top 5 Kurtis designs that are sure to steal away your heart this season:

1. The Long & Simple Solids

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With the scorching heat of the summer, these long and plain cotton kurtis, Kurtis in solid colors offer relief to you as well as your eyes. It is a compulsion for your wardrobe, and the best part is that you simply cannot go wrong with this. Go for the pastel shades which are such a huge trend these days to get that perfect subtle and elegant look. Else, to get that bright, chirpy and energetic look, you may also opt for the summer shades like orange, yellow, red etc. The cool shades of turquoise, leaf green or light blue also help in giving a cool look as a relief from the heat. Also, these colors match with the monsoon flavor of the season.

However, despite all this, the real show stealer is a plain white Kurti! It is literally our go to dress except for the rainy days. It is the best choice for that sober and casual look. A woman’s wardrobe is just not complete until it has the quintessential white kurta in it. If you like it plain, go for it. However, I suggest buying a plain white kurta with subtle white embroidery all over it, preferably the Lukhnowi chicken work. It makes you look elegant and beautiful almost effortlessly. Pair it with silver jhumkis, casual jeans and jootis or slip on flats to complete that casual, summer and trendy look!

2. Anarkali-e-Azam

top 5 kurti designs 2017, best kurti styles, new kurti styles

There’s a reason why the ancient Anarkali design is still continuing to be incorporated in today’s clothing. It’s because this design is simply timeless. A beauty that can be incorporated in any era or fashion. That that is exactly the sort of look the Anarkali Kurti gives- A timeless classic look. It can be bright, peppy, subtle, and gorgeous or plain, any kind you want just by selecting the combination of colors.

Even though the range of designs are unlimited, my personal preference is a V neck design with a deep back having a tied knot with colorful and bright tassels hanging to complete the summery peppy look. Where on one hand, this Kurti very subtly highlights your bosoms and cleavage, it also highlights your waist giving it a slimmer look, on the other hand it provides that ideal traditional and ethnic look that makes it a go to dress for any family function, Pooja or other sorts of ritualistic occasions.

If you are worried where to find the best anarkali kurtis at, then flipkart is your go-to store. The range of designer and premium kurtis is vast and impeccable, catering to all your budget needs. My personal recommendation would be to check out the flipkart kurtis below 300 to get amazed at the quality of these so called ‘budget kurtis’.

It is literally your go-to kurta to highlight that head turner figure of yours in the most non-conspicuous manner possible. To get that perfect pious look with this kurta, pair it with big matching earring with colorful stones, silver bangles, a contrasting color churidar, bold kohled eyes and jootis. You just can’t go wrong with this look.

3. Jacket-it-Up

top 5 kurti designs 2017, best kurti styles, new kurti styles

Jackets were so well embraced when they were introduced, that it is no wonder that they have eventually become a part of a wide range of attires and looks, and now are a sensation that makes anything look trendy and stylish. This is exactly what they have done with the Kurtis. The addition of jackets to Kurtis have transformed their ethnic Indian look to a modern fusion look, and the results are simply amazing! This ensemble is without doubt a head turner. Moreover, if you are one of those heavy bosomed beauties, then this look is perfect for you.

The jacket very nicely conceals the heaviness, making you look sleeker and stylish. This will give you the confidence of being a modern Indian woman, the one who perfectly balances Indian values with modern outlook. If you are not buying a Kurti-jacket set, I suggest you buy a heavily embroidered jacket in some neutral color such as black or white, and then you can team it up with a wide range of plain, solid Kurtis, completely transforming the simple look into a gorgeous one. One jacket- Multiple Style!

4. Short and Block!

top 5 kurti designs 2017, best kurti styles, new kurti styles

Despite the long Kurtis occupying the center-stage, the short Kurtis have their own unique charm. The short Kurtis have a sassy western look with a touch of ethnic style. It is apt to wear to office or work as it imparts the look of an independent, ambitious woman who stands by her beliefs and values her family & traditions just as much as she values her work. Even though these Kurtis are available in a variety of designs and prints, we strongly suggest you to go for the block prints.

Where to shop them at?

You can try your local market, but then your options to choose from would be limited. Best option is to head to amazon and choose from the best kurtis that you can flaunt with pride this season.

Block prints have an ancient feel to it. It acts as a reminder of the Indian heritage and early fashion. Thus, pairing it up with short Kurtis forms a perfect balance between western and Indian clothes. Hence, it is the ideal example of fusion wear. Moreover, the acrylic block paint really stands out on the bright background giving it a blast of colors. You can try it up with either jeans or formal trousers with studs and a simple bracelet maybe to complete the look. This literally is a show stealer!

5. Slit it Deep!

top 5 kurti designs 2017, best kurti styles, new kurti styles

With the summers on the go, it’s that time of the year when we have to go through the pain of body waxing to look trip and proper. Now flaunt that figure and flawless skin in the most subtle manner possible with these front slit Kurtis. They are extremely trendy and fashionable, they look amazingly stylish, and they are as airy and comfortable as it can possibly get. Pair it with bare minimum but bright accessories to get that subtle look. However, a navel pin with this kurta will simply take the sexy meter to another level!

Go for bright colors that make to look energetic and peppy. Also, as is rightly said, ‘Black makes you look thin’, so don’t undermine the magical effect that this color has to hide your flaws and enhance your curves. Pair it up with low waist denims and heels for that oomph factor! These are perfect for any party, college, date or a day out with your friends. This is a must have for your wardrobe because if you have it, then flaunt it!

While according to us, these are the top 5 Kurti designs to flaunt this season, pairing it up the right way is just equally important. You can pair the kurtis with palazzos or ling skirts to trend up your style. Also, the right dupatta has the power of completely changing your look. Don’t go easy on the accessories or footwear either. They are just as important as your wardrobe.

Be trendy, Be stylish, and Be on the top of your fashion game always! So, what are you waiting for? Dress it up with these amazing looks this season.

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