Choose the Right Saree Blouse For any Occasion and Look Gorgeous

August 2, 2017

Saree is a mark of Indian culture and now it has taken a prominent place in other South Asian countries as well. All women look elegant and stunning in a saree, no matter how tall, short, thin or curvy they are. To enhance the overall look of a saree, one needs to ensure that she is wearing the right kind of blouse. If the blouse you choose does not go well with your saree, it can make you funny.
Earlier saree was made either out of cotton or silk. They had design at one end and the other side was plain. A plain matching colour blouse used to go hand in hand. With growing trend in fashion industry, saree has been given a different look. Women are now fond of designer sarees that are paired with a pretty designer blouse. Unique embroidery work with different colour threads and lovely sequin work is more in demand.

Be it a formal party or a wedding reception, women try their best to look exclusive. Saree is an attire that fits all kinds of occasion. Blouse designs are the most important thing in the fashion industry that is being worked upon. The right texture of the saree is determined by the way a blouse is tailored.

Even blouses are stitched according to the choice. Some prefer plain sleeveless blouses with simple designs, while others prefer heavy embroidered blouses with sleeves. If you have any doubt about the design that you would like to choose for a function, then you can always refer online for blouse sleeve designs images.

Generally, getting a readymade blouse can be a disaster as it might not fit you properly. It is always suggested to get it stitched for a fine look. Blouse is definitely the main attraction of your attire thus it cannot be ignored. Few guidelines can help you choose the correct blouse –

  • Not everyone can wear one size blouse. Hence, it is better to get proper measurement of your body.
  • Accurate measurement of your waist and shoulder will prevent your blouse sleeves to fall off your shoulder.
  • Different designs of blouses have different types of bra offered in the market. Like backless blouse should be worn with bra cups has no straps.
  • Generally, ladies prefer blouses with cups stitched within. This helps them to keep their bust firm and can also avoid wearing bra if needed.
  • Hook up buttons is important to keep the bra strap at its place. You would not like to flaunt your bra strap when you already are wearing a designer blouse.
  • Fabric plays a vital role in a designer blouse. Some prefer according to the weather, while others prefer according to their taste.
  • Contrast is in fashion. A sequin work blouse can go with a plain saree, whereas an embroidered blouse is perfect with heavy plain sarees like kanjeevaram or silk.

Tying a knot in your blouse gives it a seductive look. No matter how beautiful your saree or blouse is, it will not suit your body if it is wrongly picked or stitched.


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