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November 21, 2017

Like most women out there, you are probably in a constant fix about what to wear. On an average, every woman needs at least 10 outfits every week to wear to multiple events of different kind. If while choosing an outfit you feel like there’s nothing apt to wear, in spite of having a wardrobe full of clothes, it is because your wardrobe needs an update. Occasionally updating your wardrobe will ensure that you always have clothes to wear and your style never becomes boring or backdated It’s essential not only for people to appreciate your fashion but also because looking good makes you feel even better. So, update your wardrobe with new styles and stay fabulous. Easy methods of doing this is by visiting two online stores called Souq.com and Namshi.com.

Follow trends and pick one garment that is trending

One simple method is to keep an eye out for trends. Then picking out a garment that can be used in multiple ways from that trend. For example, when the trend is flared pants, pick a neutral color of flared pants like beige or black. Then team it with already existing garments like shirts, tops and tunics. That way, you don’t have to always wear your denims and your wardrobe gets an easy update.

Choose a color that is “in” this season

Every season brings with it a new trending color. Invest on something of that color. It may be something as simple as a scarf. Team it up with existing clothes to jazz up the entire outfit.

Be on the lookout for sales and coupons

Let’s face it, one of the crucial aspects of updating your wardrobe is figuring out a decent budget for the shopping spree. Often, the budget becomes a concern and burns a hole in your pocket, making you regret all the bags. It leads to an overall bittersweet experience. To avoid this, shop online as the sites offer massive discounts. Always be on the lookout for Souq Coupons UAE and Namshi Coupon Codes as they will make your shopping experience a much better one. With the coupons, which are fairly easy to avail, you can get unimaginable discounts of luxury brands and look like the diva you’d always dreamt of being.

Subscribe to newsletters

Most websites offer exciting insights through their newsletters. You can also get to know about their sales and exclusive launches. You may also get useful tips from here. Download their apps and subscribe to their newsletter to get hints, tips and more about how to dress well and be fashion updated.


If you are low on budget, invest in accessories as it can completely revolutionize your wardrobe. Invest in statement neckpieces, chokers, dangling earrings, bold belts and fancy sunglasses. Often, solid shades paired with trendy accessories can make you look superb. The overall cost is also much lesser.


Figure out the kind of occasions that you attend the most. It might be casual day outs or even meetings. Then invest in clothes accordingly. Jazzing up a section of the wardrobe you rarely use is pointless. For office wear, go for coats in colors you haven’t tried. For day outs, invest in bags and sunglasses.

Updating your wardrobe from time to time is a necessity. You will find yourself cribbing a lot lesser and feeling a lot better. When you have multiple mix and match options to choose from, you will end up looking forward to choosing your outfit every day rather than dreading it. Do your research well and discard old clothing you don’t use to make space for the trendy new clothes!

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