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Dark side of social media

November 23, 2017

I aimlessly browse through one social media site after another while my mind is simultaneously thinking about what I feel like having for dinner, a client meeting that I have later this week, whether I’m forgetting to buy something that I need for my upcoming weekend trip, and that I finally need to make those work related calls that I’ve been postponing for a week. I hate people, I grumble in my mind, thinking of why I postponed those calls in the first place and seeing those perfectly curated pictures of perfect lives of the people on my social media.

You can say I’m in the completely wrong profession for someone who generally hates any sort of human interaction. Blogging was supposed to take me away from humans, and into my safe and cozy world of words, dreams and imagination where I could surface to reality for a breath of fresh air, some food and water, and then bury myself again. Instead it flung me head first into putting myself out there for everyone to see, interact with fellow creators on a daily basis, meet new people, and even worse – talk to them. My inner introvert just died a little at that thought.

It’s funny, ironic and sometimes plain rude hilarious that, the work I love doing so much is something that I am so terrible at.

For the past two months, I was sick of blogging. I’ve been chattering about that non stop with friends and gnawing at my husband’s brain in that very whiny annoying little background of a voice, that only wants to crib and offer no solution. I stopped updating my blog. Refused to publish the posts sitting in the drafts folder. Responded to emails only because I had to. And said a very happy ‘go take a hike’ to social media. Din’t care if my feed appeared dead. Or that no one knew what I wore, what I ate or where I went and when. Who cares? For the past three years I’ve labeled myself as a content creator and artist. And did squat about it. Of all the hundreds of ideas I had, I perhaps executed 5% of them. Another 10% lay there half finished. The rest, I didn’t even bother. What was I doing?

Finally it took four completely unrelated, unexpected events to bring me and my blog back to life. #1 is a long talk with lots of friends and well-wishers who made me realise that I am simply wasting away my potential. #2 was this sudden urge to start something new. Something that I had planned a year back but ‘life’ happened and it went on the back burner #3 was an unexpected work trip where I was one of the ten bloggers picked out of more than 200. That sure helped boost my mojo! #4 was a genuine reader comment, which these days has become so rare, that it felt really nice to know that people out there still take the time out to read blog posts.

Long story short, my blog has woken up from a deep slumber, and it’s only a matter of time before you see some exciting changes!

Photography by: Satish Yalamarthi

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