How To Integrate Modest Fashion Staples Into Fall Outfits

November 2, 2017

As I go shopping every summer, there are a number of outfits that I love but I know I can’t wear them because they’re either too short or too revealing for me. But does that mean that I don’t buy them? Of course not! I always buy the outfits I like and then save them for my favourite season, Fall!

Awesomely Versatile

Fall is undoubtedly the most awesome season ever because you can wear absolutely anything with just a little modification or layering. The skirts that were too short earlier can be worn with tights and the shirts with short sleeves can easily be layered over with a jacket. Similarly, the ones with short hemlines can be worn with long coats or cardigans and even the dresses with deep necklines can be styled beautifully with scarves. This is probably why Fall is like a heaven for every modest fashionista.

Almost all the modest fashion staples can be integrated into your fall outfits, simply by using your creativity. Scarves or hijabs for example are must-have items for modest wardrobes. They can easily be used to cover low cut tops but they also help perform a number of other functions in the Fall season like adding a pop of colour to otherwise boring outfits or keeping your neck warm and cosy.

Cool and Comfortable

Another must have item for Fall is a blazer. Now you don’t need to go for anything extra fancy or overly complicated. Go for the classic, simple blazer, in a colour that looks best on you, which could be anything from deep blue to hot pink, remember that no one knows what suits you best except yourself.

if you want to fit your blazer in with the seasonal colours, you could go for an orange, brown, burgundy or yellow one as all these colours are the basis of the Fall palette. For a polished, work-appropriate look, you can wear this blazer with your favourite jeans and button down shirts. But they also look equally good when worn with flowy evening skirts or maxi dresses.

For Upcycling Summer Maxis

Talking about maxi dresses; they are one of the most loved items for every woman who prefers modest clothes. Moreover, they are now available in such cute prints and eye-catching styles that one can always find a maxi that goes with their personal style.

For the Fall season, I love wearing my printed summer maxis by layering them with a solid coloured t-shirt and blazer. This gives the dress look like a gorgeous maxi skirt and you’re able to create a totally new look by using your lovable summer maxi!

For Layering Like a Pro

And you don’t always have to layer over your Fall outfits for a chic look. You can also layer under them if that’s what you prefer. For instance, I often wear sleeveless Fall maxis by layering under them with a long sleeved shirt. And any woman on her modesty journey knows that we can never have enough full-sleeved tees so they come in really handy in this season.

To sum up, Fall is the only season for which you hardly ever need to shop. I mean we all already have enough sweaters, jackets and shoes, do we even need any more? This is the season when you can easily transition your summer wardrobe and modest staples to create some great Fall appropriate looks. So, this Fall, just take total control of your wardrobe and don’t let it go the other way around!

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