Luxury Watch Spotting at the Oscars 2018

March 22, 2018

As stars descended on the glorious red carpet at the Oscars and speculation was in the air about the potential winners of the night, one couldn’t help but admire the glitz and shine of the best in the entertainment industry donning the best of fashion as well. Watches too made a bold statement at the Oscars 2018, marking the return of vintage designs, gracing the red carpet with our favourite personalities. The trend setters are sure to spark a frenzy in the coming months. The following ones had us wishing we owned the watches; read on for the brands that had all our attention:

Omega, as worn by Nicole Kidman

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The stunning actress took the red carpet by storm with an electric blue Armani Prive gown that immediately caught everyone’s eye, be it the audience or the shutterbugs. Resting on her wrist elegantly was an Omega, a jewelled vintage timepiece from the glorious years of the ’50s. While being a longtime ambassador for the brand may come with its own benefits, you too can have an Omega complementing the strong, successful woman you are.

Omega Constellation is just the perfect range of watches for women rising to power by shattering any glass ceilings and becoming a force to reckon with. We recommend the following Omega Constellation timepiece; the sapphire crystal-studded watch is a statement maker for the biggest events of your life, exuding sheer elegance and prestige with each tick of its beautiful mother-of- pearl dial. You can get it here at Ethos Watches.

Rolex, as worn by Sam Rockwell

The royalty among watches is Rolex and it’s no surprise that Sam Rockwell, one of the most anticipated winners of the night, donned the same when collecting his golden statue. The classic black-and-white tux red carpet look was paired with a watch as versatile as the actor, Rolex GMT Master II. With its pre-ceramic black bezel, red GMT hand, the watch with admittedly rugged good looks enhanced the actor’s winning persona. Rolex watches for men are extremely popular and rightly so, but there’s a special form of love that this watch gets when in the limelight.

Montblanc, as worn by Jordan Peele

Director of the much acclaimed Get Out, Jordon Peele won the very well-deserved Oscar for the movie’s screenplay. His retro-inspired look was completed with an ivory Calvin Klein jacket, paired with the ultra-classic 39mm Star Classique Date Automatic by Montblanc. The sleek rose gold of the watch stood out subtly under those ivory sleeves, the blush of the gold providing that soft highlight in contrast. Leather straps and Montblanc are a heavenly match among watches for men. With a dark ensemble, Montblanc 4810 can be the watch you need to stand out and make a bold fashion statement.

Bulgari, as worn by Matthew McConaughey

The uber-stylish, Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey donned a striking Brioni dinner jacket, black mohair trousers, and an oxblood velvet bow tie, sharpening his silhouette. Standing out distinctly was the watch on his wrist – Bulgari’s Octo Finissimo in stainless steel with a black lacquered dial. Fail-safe yet extremely efficient, the watch added to the effortless charm of the actor and his flawless velvety attire for the evening, and the Octo design cut complemented his sharp facial features. For those who prefer leather straps, there’s the regal Bulgari Octo Roma providing you the partnership your wrist truly deserves.

The awards season gives us major fashion goals, be it with apparel, accessories or the overall styling. But few stand out as much as the beautiful watches on their wrists, each adding their own personality to the wearer and completing their look for the most important day of the year.

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