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Her Looks: Sporty feminine

April 16, 2018

While you might have seen snippets of this look on my instagram, here’s the full deal. I usually hate writing posts which just say this what I decided to wear today, and this is what I decided to pair it with,  but today, I’m doing exactly that.

I would very much like to blame the summer heat, or my schedule, or lack of time for posting these pictures now. But I know for a fact that only I am to blame. As always.

Creating content for a blog is a continuous process, but for some reason I had more or less taken a break from last November. It was only in Jan this year, that I made a point in my yearly goals’ post, about wanting to re-evaluate my blog and the kind of content I put on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s going a bit slow, as long the end goal and focus remains the same.

Ultimately I want content creation to be a happy and inspiring process. And if on some days all I have to showcase is “this is what I wore today”, so be it! So I hope this summery outfit inspires you to dress up and embrace the heat with a skip in your step!

Shot by: Arpita Patel

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