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5 important things to check before your camping trip

April 29, 2018

Summer is here, and it is the perfect season to spend some quality time outdoors with your family and friends. One of the best ways to spend time during your summer break is go on a camping trip. Leaving your home’s comfort just to interact and experience nature is a great way for refreshing yourself and let us not forget all the health benefits we get from it; like getting the right amount of Vitamin D from the sunlight. Moreover going outdoors reduces stress and improves your mood studies have shown that the level of serotonin in our body rises when we are outdoors interacting with nature. To help you plan the perfect camping trip we have described some essentials that are a must to consider whenever you are planning to go on any camping trip;

The Ideal Location:

The integral part of making every camping trip memorable and enjoyable is choosing the right camping location.  Look for a place that is relatively flat and even, well sheltered to save from water in case of sudden showers of rain. A comfortable tent is the first essential of any camping trip and in order to set one, you need to have a relatively flat and even ground. If you’re a first timer we would advise you to practice setting up a tent in your backyard beforehand to save your time and energy.

Strong Backpack:

The most important camping gear is your backpack. Choose a backpack that is made from weather resistant material so, in case of severe weather conditions your belongings are safe. When choosing any backpack, try it to see that it fits comfortably on your back. Remember you need to carry it on your shoulders along with the entire burden while going on a hike or a stroll so, it has to be comfortable.

Sleeping bag:

Another vital camping gear is the sleeping bag because you cannot sleep directly on the tent floor. The sleeping bag provides you comfort and a good night sleep. It also helps to keep you warm during the chilly nights. A comfortable sleep is very important otherwise you won’t be having the energy to  enjoy the beauty of wilderness the next day. A good sleeping bag is a worthy investment. They are very compact and can be easily carried along whenever you go on a trip. They can be used as a sheet above any hotel bed in which you’re staying. It will not only provide a comfortable layer but after putting it you can be sure that your bed is clean and all set for sleeping.

Sufficient Lighting:

A good source of lighting is always needed for any type of outdoor activity. For a camping trip you should keep in mind to bring flash lights, head lamps or even kerosene lamps as a source of lighting. You never know that you will be able to get electricity sockets or not. So, to be on the safer side we advise you to always keep an extra stock of batteries for your flash lights and if possible use some multi-directional flashlights that come with portable battery having wireless charging as they are easier to use.

Power Banks or Portable Chargers:

Nowadays we all are so addicted to technology that even a day without our cell phone isn’t possible. Whether you’re on a camping trip or somewhere trekking or hiking with friends you will need a good power backup to keep your cell phone and other gadgets fully charged. For this, we advise you to buy the best travel charger or power bank that can fulfill your power needs.

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