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September 19, 2018

When I first had to wear spectacles in the eighth grade, I simply hated how they looked on me. Except for the nerdy class topper no one else wore spectacles and I somehow became extremely conscious of wearing them to school.

It’s funny how things have changed since then. Spectacles, from being an ugly necessity that only those unfortunate enough to have imperfect vision wore, have become an ultra-chic accessory, rightfully claiming their place on the runway, fashion magazine editorials and on the street-style fashionista flashing her geeky/nerdy look! With every high end designer brand coming up with their own range of designs, specs as a fashion accessory have trickled down to high-street brands as well. But the challenge for a long time remained on getting your hands on the right kind of frames. And now, buying eyeglasses online has become quite common!

 Free trial at home & Home eye-test

One of my most frequented stores for frames with a perfect blend of style and comfort is Lenskart. Over the years, I’ve literally brought about 7-8 pairs from their website. When I first visited their website, the option for a ‘free trial at home’ was what convinced me to go for it. Select any five frames and try them at the convenience of your home! Apart from this, they have also recently launched a home eye-test. All you need to do is register on the website and a certified optician would conduct a check-up at the comfort of your home. And for someone like me who absolutely dislikes going for eye check-ups (I’ve been known to postpone them for over a year), this option was really much needed!

First frame is free

Lenskart has another cool offer where the first frame you order is FREE. They have quite a few styles under this offer, and I absolutely loved this offer. The first frame I ordered was of extremely good quality. And the fact that even a free frame of such high quality made me confident that I could trust the credibility of the brand. Definitely made the subsequent purchases easier!

Authenticity card with every frame or contact lens

Every frame comes with an authenticity card, so there’s no worry about the quality or source of the product. You get exactly what you pay for.

One for one program

Almost 40% of India’s population needs vision correction, which made Lenskart come up with a one-for-one program, where for every pair of eyeglasses sold, they make sure one person in need gets a pair of glasses. And if you see the videos and testimonials on the website, you know they are all going to the right place to the right people in need.

The Variety

With over 5000 styles available, there’s something for literally every face type. Almost every frame I own is of a different style and I love that I can own so many pairs, switch it up everyday to suit different outfits, and still do it in such an affordable way.

Check out how you can style a few selections for your face type.


If you have an oval shaped face or a heart shaped face, almost any frame would suit you. Which is why you can get away with experimenting with some cool styles like the cateye

Full-rim Rectangle

Another style that would look great on round of oval shaped faces is the full-rim rectangle. It’s also a great style for formal work wear

Rimless frames

If you want it to look almost invisible and like you are hardly wearing specs, a rimless frame is the perfect option for you. This has it’s classic and minimal charm and works great when you want your makeup or the rest of your look to be in focus than the actual frame.


The Harry potter series introduced the round frame craze in almost every single person, young and old. Round frames are back in fashion and are here to stay! Try something colourful to make a fashion statement!

Check out how I styled my favourite pair from Lenskart


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