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6 Best Jewellery Gift ideas for your Wife or girlfriend for this Christmas

October 24, 2018

Christmas is the perfect time to gift your wife something unique which she will cherish for a lifetime. If you want to make her holidays more memorable, then jewellery is a perfect choice. When it comes to selecting the perfect gift we often get confused. It becomes very difficult to pick the right one. Jewellery is a woman’s best friend. Agree or not? You can look up for real diamond rings with price to find the suitable ring. Your wife or girlfriend will always try to find the hidden meaning behind your gift. One of the best gifts is jewellery because they just can’t get enough of it. But here comes the tricky part, what type of jewellery would she like? It is a great idea to discover her taste in jewellery. Your wife will surely love the gift if you focus more on details. The best way to determine her taste is to look at her personal jewellery. This will assist you in finding unique pieces and will also help you to avoid purchasing something which she already owns. We are sharing some tips with you which will help you to select the right gift for your other half. Here is a list of gift ideas and advice which will help you to find the perfect gift.

Journey Necklace:

If you want our wife to treasure your gift forever, then Journey necklace is the classic gift. This necklace contains a set of curved lines, mainly placed by gemstones or diamonds. From ‘S’ shaped designs to heart shape designs, the curves of the pendant can be set in various forms. You can find numerous gold necklace designs in 40 grams for your wife or girlfriend online at affordable prices.

Eternity Ring:

This ring is the symbol of undying love. It is one the thoughtful way to surprise your wife on Christmas. This petite ring contains a metal band which is set by gemstones in a continuous line.

Bracelet watch:

It is one of the trendiest pieces of jewellery which can go with any outfit. You can take a mental note of her favourite metallic colour and buy the perfect one. Metallic tones include rose gold, chrome, platinum, silver, steel blue and much more.

Pearl earrings:

If you want your wife or girlfriend to look a true timeless beauty, then gift her freshwater peart stud earrings. These elegant earrings will complete her wardrobe. You can also gift her cubic zirconia solitaire drop, diamond or champagne coloured pearl earring.

Charm Jewelry:

It is one of the stylish jewellery which can be customised in bracelets, necklaces as well as bangles. It comes in various metallic colours which feature musical instruments, stars, flowers, owls, small watch, peacock, dolphins, as well as unicorns.

Heart gemstone necklace:

Your lover will be stunned when you gift her heart-shaped gemstone pendant necklace. Such jewellery enhances and complements every outfit. If you want to gift her something special, then select her birth month stone and personalised it in your own way.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

Spoil your girlfriend or wife by gifting her Diamond tennis bracelet. Opt for colourful gemstones and diamond bracelet. Each diamond is set in sequence around the metallic band. So ignite the romance again between you and your loved one again.


  • Reply Mohit Sharma October 25, 2018 at 3:18 pm

    Great collection of jewelry ideas!!!! I loved all of these and I can’t wait till Christmas, I am gonna gift one of these items on this Karwa Chauth to my wife. Hope she will like this.
    Thanks for sharing this collection with us..

  • Reply Tabish Jellani November 3, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    awesome collection of jewelry and ideas of gifting a jewelry for your lover.

  • Reply iMedia Solutions December 26, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    Good to know that today also there are people who really have a passion for writing a blog like you!

  • Reply Argyle Diamond Investments November 8, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    All the designs are classy and a class apart. These days people want a blend of tradition and modernism which are reflected in the designs.
    Great work.

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