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Dindi – Weekend getaway from Hyderabad

January 24, 2019

Hyderabad has always been the preferred city when it comes to it’s food, IT jobs, engineering colleges, comparatively cheap real estate and comparatively less traffic. BUT the one reason why the young, urban working crowd doesn’t prefer Hyderabad is because there are no weekend getaways from here! While cities like Pune and Bengaluru have tons of getaway spots, beautiful roads for road trips and biking, and scenic spots along the way, this has always been one area where Hyderabad was lacking.

BUT, fret not because we have discovered one of the most underrated weekend getaways from Hyderabad which is budget friendly as well – Dindi! The coastal Andhra side has a lot to offer and is yet to be developed completely for tourism, but Dindi happens to be one place that is ready for you to check-in.

The best way to get to Dindi is by an overnight train. Get in the train at 11pm and reach Palakollu railway station by 8am. Dindi is about a 25minute auto ride (plenty of which are available at the station) from Palakollu.

We stayed at Dindi Sterling Resorts, which is one of the best properties there. The entire resort is built around a beautiful lotus pond, so that every single room has a gorgeous view to wake up to in the mornings. The other side of the resort leads to the river Godavari. Since it is a river side resort, you are not short on breathtaking views at all. Sunrise near the lotus pond, sunset near the river side, pathways line with coconut trees on either side, vast expanses of green fields and so much more! Even the beach is just a cab ride away.

Things to do:

Take a walk among the trees and ponds

Watch the sunset near the river side

Have a cuppa in those enchanting spots around the resort

Take a dip in the pool with the river for a view

Visit the Antarvedi temple

Visit the point where the River Godavari meets the Bay of Bengal

Sit at the the Antarvedi beach

Enjoy coffee in your balcony overlooking the river Godavari

Laze around in a hammock all day

Walks around your resort

This is the best season to head to this beautiful property, so if you are still looking for a reason to plan a trip here, just stop thinking and hop on the next train!


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    One awesome place worth mention is Gandikota – also called Grand Canyon of India. The views of Pennar river from the mountain gorges wither side is simply breathtaking and rejuvenating at the same time. I went on a weekend trip with a group called Muddie Trails this June and that was easily the best trip ever with group of strangers. You can search them on facebook by muddie trails hyderabad

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