A Guide To Knowing and Shopping Rings

April 29, 2019

What are rings and how to shop for the perfect one!

Since ancient times, jewellery has been something that both men and women have sported commonly. Over the centuries, men have stopped wearing as much jewellery. However, rings still continue to be worn by both the genders. Irrespective of which gender you fall into, it’s imperative to know all about rings before plunging headlong into accessorizing with it. Here are the various types of rings you need to know about before making a purchase:

Gold RingsGold rings are those where the metal used is gold. It can be a simple band or an intricately designed one – go as your heart says. The gold used to craft gold rings are not 100% pure since pure gold is soft enough to be moulded with bare hands. That’s why gold rings are mixed with alloys to make them durable. The most preferred purity of gold rings is 22K. However, for studded gold rings, you can go for 18K.

Platinum Rings: Just like gold, platinum is also used as a ring metal. Platinum rings are mostly worn by those who have a soft corner for platinum because of it’s subtle yet classy nature. Platinum is also mixed with alloys to make platinum rings and the most common purity is 950. 

Platinum rings are mostly studded with Zirconia or diamond to give it a shine. Rarely you will witness platinum rings studded with gemstones.

That’s all about the metal used in rings. If you are more of a gemstone person, the next part is for you.

Gemstone Rings: Gemstone rings have a one or number of gemstones studded into a gold ring. Gold tends to become dull with time with regular wear. That’s why people prefer gold rings to be studded with colourful gemstones to make them look pretty at any given time.

Diamond Ring: Diamond rings are more famous as an engagement ring. However, you can still go ahead and get yourself a diamond ring as it is. While talking of diamond rings, there are two options broadly i.e. solitaire and diamond ring. Diamond rings are available both in gold as well as platinum.

Cubic Zirconia Rings: Zirconia is bright sparkly stones that are used as a substitute for diamonds. They are used extensively not only in gold rings but also diamond rings. For a bold cocktail ring or statement ring, you can very easily go for Cubic Zirconia stones to slash the prices considerably.

That was a quick introduction of rings, the metal used and the gemstones studded. While picking the design, do keep the purpose and place in mind i.e. the reason for buying it and where you intend to wear it. 

The latest concept in gold rings is flexi rings wherein the fit of the ring is flexible and you have the liberty to wear it on any finger freely. Moreover, stackable rings and solitaires will always be a classic come what may!

Do share your favourite ring design that you drool over. Also, let us know if you prefer buying rings from the given catalogue or give your design to the jeweller.


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