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Loose silhouettes – Look 2 | 7 days of summer

May 1, 2019

My resolve to come up with one new post every week is still as strong as ever, but I somehow find myself procrastinating blogging to do things that are not really that important. This whole series of ‘7 days of summer’ was supposed to be done within a week, but looks like I’m dragging it all through summer!

My second go-to look for summer is cotton (obviously) and loose silhouettes. There’s always this misconception that if you have a lean/thin body then loose fitted clothes will only make you look thinner. It’s true to an extent but also false. It’s a tricky area to navigate. But with the right kind of fabric, and the right amount of “loose”, this silhouette can actually be very flattering. There’s a difference between ill fitted clothes and an exaggerated loose style and that’s the key to making or breaking the look.

I picked this from Spoyl last month and I was amazed at the quality! It’s thick cotton and very well made, and I’m pretty sure it’ll last a long time. Which is good because I know I’ll be living in dresses like this for the entire summer!

Photography: Meghna Chinaiah

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