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The Westin Mindspace – 5 ways to make the most out of a Staycation

February 19, 2020

As much as I love traveling, I’m pretty realistic about how big a hole I can drill in my pocket for vacations every year. So the next best option to visiting a new place, is to have a staycation – you get a little R&R, indulge in new activities that take your mind off the fact that you are not on a real vacation πŸ˜‰

All kidding aside, staycations are my favourite! Whether I’m traveling frequently or not, I’m always ready to squeeze in a 2 day staycation at every chance I get. Especially if it’s at some of my favourite properties in the city!

So here’s how I made the most of my staycation at The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace

Create Content:

This might not apply to everyone but hear me out! As content creators we are thinking about new ideas 24×7. Scouting locations, putting together looks, coming up with interesting concepts is a full time process. A staycation allows me to step away from my daily routine where most of the daily mundane things like cooking, cleaning, doorbell interruptions, maid coming late and all that jazz is out of the picture. Since I mostly work from home, a staycation for me is like a work vacation. I get to relax, and not overwork myself over daily details, and because I’m relaxed I’m more focussed on new ideas and creating content. So this is one of the best ways for me to get my creative juices flowing (while getting a foot massage!)

Enjoy the SPA

Which brings me to this! Enjoy all the amenities provided by the hotel you are staying at. During vacations, I tend to spend more time exploring the new place/city than at the hotel. But during a staycation I have nowhere else to be except at the property. Which gives me a chance to take on every service they offer and just indulge!

Take a cooking class

You have ample time on your hands. Apart from foot massages and lazing around in the comfiest beds ever, try something new like a cooking class. Every property has their signature dishes and amazing chefs. They usually also offer some simple cooking, baking classes where you can try your hand at creating new dishes under their expert guidance. Make sure you talk to the concierge and find out if they can offer any such thing before you check-in.

Take a friend along

What better time to catch up with your best friends and girly gossips? Go to the spa together, lounge by the pool, sip on drinks and spend some quality friend time together!

Enjoy breakfast in Bed

Like I said, the whole point of a staycation is to break away from your daily routine. No more overnight oats for breakfast, or a quick piece of toast and fruit. Order breakfast in bed and eat like a queen!


  • Reply Patricija February 20, 2020 at 11:48 am

    You’re so pretty! Keep posting, you’re doing really great <3

  • Reply Cha April 8, 2020 at 11:40 am

    Staycation is more fun with your bestfriend!

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