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Deepavali decor Ideas

November 11, 2020

What a year this has been! March to October felt like a weird fused together month where you couldn’t differentiate between days. November has arrived already and has brought in a wave of festive feels that were much needed.

Deepavali, the festival of lights has managed to lighten up everyone’s mood, and bring a positive feeling in the air. While we are still confined to our homes, our minds at least feel a bit free from the stress and chaos, and instead for a change, focussing on decor and decking up our homes.

I came across a lot of decor ideas that weren’t really practical or home-friendly. Candles everywhere, near curtains, on the bed, on the bedside table, decor pieces covering every inch of the floor, plants and planters at every corner and all over the balcony… while all this might make your photos look good, I hardly find them practical. Decor needs to brighten up your space, make it look cozy and at the same time have an utilitarian factor. You need space to walk around, you need things to be out of reach of kids, pets and your own feet! (you don’t want to be banging your foot into things every other step). It also needs to be easy to clean and dust every day (we live in India after all), which means it just doesn’t make sense to cover every available surface in things. If you do that, think of how many pieces you will have to move around every single day when the time comes to dust, sweep, mop and clean!

So keeping all that in mind, I like to have minimal decor spread across in the house, in specific corners. Less is always more when it comes to decor! Keep it minimal and easy to clean.

  1. Changing your cushion covers into bright festive colours, and adding traditional flowers here and there is an easy way to bring in a festive look. I re-purposed a wooden tray as a centre piece and the “candle stands” that you see are actually tiny cups that I placed upside down.

2. Everyone loves having a console table/cabinet that can be used as a space for utility and decor. I added a few flowers in a brass vase, electric diyas (which is safe to add near the walls with no damage), and a few tea light candles in colourful holders.

3. Your dining space again offers plenty of opportunity for decor. And you don’t really need expensive crockery or dinnerware sets for that festive feel. I used an old ethnic dupatta as a festive table runner (cheap, easy and re-usable option!), added two cork table mats (which I usually use for placing hot vessels on the table), and added a couple of candles on top. A hand-painted tissue box that I purchased in Bali became a temporary cutlery holder! The final look was so put-together and still left enough space to actually eat at the table!

4. I reserved this one nook for adding multiple items. A colourful round jute rug, a planter, and a side table with a pretty brass plate. Added floating candles and flowers to the plate and my cozy nook/photo-op was ready! If you have guests/friends coming for diwali, this is a perfect way to create a corner for all the pictures you will end up clicking!

5. Re-purpose old boxes and vintage looking items as decor pieces. I’m sure we all receive so many such items during festive months like sweet boxes, dry fruits boxes etc. I save anything that looks pretty enough to use as decor, and add those as place-fillers wherever I feel there’s ‘something missing’.

6. You get so many different kinds of tea light holders. Lanterns, floral, vintage, glass, ceramic and so many more! They are great to use for decor, whether on a table, outside your door, on steps, near your mandir.. it goes everywhere and it’s the perfect way to add colour and decor in a subtle manner without going overboard!


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