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8 Reasons to get back to blogging in 2021

February 1, 2021

Unlike social media posts, blog posts provide longer-lasting content for websites. Social media posts are often situational and event-driven, so the content becomes irrelevant quickly. Blog posts are self-contained experiences and can continue to be relevant as long as the topic of the post is still relevant.

Hello everyone! After a lot of thought and strategy I’m reviving this blog starting this month. Over the past couple of years, Instagram and Youtube have emerged as the main platforms for content creation. Blogs definitely took a back seat, but in recent times there are more and more people going back to blogging.

Do you know how much traffic my blog posts from 2016-2015 still generate? A LOT.

A lot of traffic comes in through this blog, even on months when I’m least active on it. While blogging might have temporarily taken a back seat, it still remains to be one of the most powerful platforms for creators/small businesses for a lot of reasons. And if you are even considering starting a blog, or getting back to blogging after a break, you are going to want to read the rest of this article!

1. Instagram saturation!

This is a real phenomenon that we are all going through. It feels like EVERYONE you know is a content creator or influencer. Even the type of content you see on a daily basis can seem repetitive. And of course the algorithm doesn’t help either. It’s getting tougher & tougher to keep yourself motivated, and create quality content when the platform itself seems to be acting against you on most days!

2. Algorithm control and traffic through google searchwords

Okay, I’m almost convinced Instagram hashtags don’t work at all. People use the most irrelevant hashtags on their images, so how are you even supposed to find what you are looking for through hashtags? The platform is so saturated that searching through hashtags to find relevant accounts and images is such a pain! That’s where SEO and keywords and google stands out.

On instagram, we are slaves to the algorithm. There might be ‘hacks’ and ‘ways to trick the algorithm’ but we are never truly in control.

Google on the other hand, aims to answer people’s questions. Google also has an algorithm which decides which articles are the most relevant, well-written and which need to appear first in the search results. This means that if your article is of good quality, is written in depth and it has good SEO, chances are you’ll get that sweet Google traffic.

Google’s goal will never change. Google wants to remain the best search engine on the planet. Therefore, it will always show qualitative articles on the front page. Instagram, on the other hand, has shifted its focus from building a community to making money and this should speak for itself.

3. Blogs can’t get banned or deleted overnight! Blogs are evergreen

Did anyone even expect a platform as huge as TikTok to get banned? TikTok was one social media platform that still had promise of organic growth as long as you posted engaging content, and then suddenly… poof! Banned and disappeared. You never know how these social media platforms are going to change the next day. They are businesses first, and they will act in the interest of their advertisers and not the users.

Your blog is yours. You own it. And as long as it’s in your hands it’s safe and it’ll live forever.

4. A way to offer more value to audience. Build a level of trust.

Instagram is very limiting in the kind of content you can put up. While advertising on instagram is booming with influencer marketing, people are starting to notice that a lot of sponsored content is done just for the sake of money, and not everyone is authentic about why they are choosing to work with a certain brand.

With a blog there’s so much more scope to dig deep and offer more about topics that you love talking about. The level of trust that you can build through blogging is definitely more than what you can build through just sharing pictures & captions on Instagram. It’s no coincidence that most of the biggest and serious collaborations (especially travel collaborations) have come through my blog.

5. Move beyond using emojis for captions. Improve your writing skills and expertise

We are all guilty of using some random quote or sometimes just an emoji for a caption when we can’t think of anything to write. Blogging forces you to actually put your thoughts into words. It makes you articulate your ideas, it makes you research and read. It’s a great way to hone your existing skills and learn how to present information in a way that’s useful for people, unlike social media where you just tag a brand and leave it at that.

6. Blogging gives you passive income, Instagram doesn’t

Although everyone says they haven’t started blogging or Instagram for money, it’s definitely at least ONE of the reasons you started this for! Instagram mainly has only one stream of income, and that is brand sponsorships. Brands reach out to you, and you get to work on some projects. There is no question of passive income here. With blogs, you can set up passive income streams like ads and affiliate marketing, and that will bring you money without too much effort on your part (alongside brand sponsorships).

7. Collaborations from brands who are serious about their brand building

The collaborations I get through my blog are always so much more better in terms of money offered and their requirements. Because the brands that approach me through the blog, are serious about their brand building strategies. They know the value of a blog article, of backlinks, of SEO, of a written article of 500 words. They know it’s more permanent that a social media post, and they know it’s worth as well.

With a few clicks on this blog, anyone can easily access blog posts that were written in 2018. Or you can just type in the search bar. It’s easier to access old and new content. Sponsored or not sponsored. So there’s more visibility for brands as well, when their content is on your website. Whereas with Instagram it’s more or less forgotten in two weeks.

8. Turn it into a legit brand and not just another account on social media

Your blog can be grown into so much more than what it is today. Imagine turning it into a magazine, getting on board more writers who can offer more perspectives to your audience. You can create newsletters, you can have downloadable guides, or write a book one day, add shoppable links, make money through affiliate marketing, use it as a portfolio for serious projects and consultations.. the options are endless! Having a blog is just Step1 into building yourself into a brand!

One of the reasons I decided to get back to blogging was because I noticed how much importance I myself was giving to blogs over Instagram posts when it came to searching for reviews and useful information. I found two interior decor stylists who simply won me over with their style of writing, ideas and the information presented on their blog. There were a few others who reached out to me on instagram but with just a few posts on their feed and some captions, it wasn’t enough for me to take them seriously or give me confidence about their authenticity.

So what are you waiting for, get those creative juices flowing and start creating something bigger than just a social media profile!


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    Oh oh wow, girl, I love the way you simplified this topic. I am a beginner blogger and I switched to Insta, a very long back, but parellally I was thinking this is not for me, where I cant express myself wholly. And you cleared my doubts.😊❣

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    This is what i needed the most right now. I wanted to start a blog since last year but was confused wheather people will be interested to read them or not as there are so many youtubers doing that work already but you opened my eyes today .you make me realise that blog writing is the most smartest way to secure whats yours parmanently . thankyou very much for motivating me.

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    Blogging is not easy but enjoyable. Just keep believing yourself and focus on your own. Just do what makes you happy. Your blogs are all amazing. Keep the good work.

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