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July 8, 2015

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know that I’ve been wearing spectacles since a long time. Since it’s pretty much regular wear, I try to have as many different types, colors, size and shape glasses as possible. Being nerdy is always fashionable right! I recently came across Firmoo and thought I would try out a pair from their website. With their helpful little virtual feature of “Try on” where you can try on each pair and see how it suits your face by uploading a picture of yours, selecting the right pair is a breeze.

When buying specs online, this is usually the dilemma that I face. I have a small face and most specs look too big on me, making me look like a huge bug-eyed insect. While few other websites have an option of getting a few pairs delivered home for you to try on, this virtual method is much simpler and faster.

Firmoo has a large collection of spectacles and sunglasses as well. Since I was looking at a daily wear/office wear design, I chose a simple black and green frame that looked pretty good virtually and thankfully in person too! Their delivery time was on point and the spectacles came in a sturdy little case, along with a handy little tool for adjusting the tightness of the frame and the glasses. They are lightweight and trendy as well! Don’t forget to check out their range on their website!

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