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November 1, 2016

You know that feeling when you buy something, but aren’t completely sure of the quality, and then the product arrives and blows your mind away? That’s exactly what happened with What I supposed was just another one of those Chinese websites, really surprised me with its extremely affordable pricing and the quality to match. And when they asked if I would be interested in creating a look book for them, I thought why not! Every product that I received is of extremely good material. The fabric is thick, stretchy but not too much, very smooth and has a good finish.

I always let the dress guide my way to styling it. The long maxi dress with florals and ruffles inspired my free spirited inner child, wandering amidst nature and exploring unknown paths. Sometimes you need to get off the beaten path, and wade through the shrubs to try and make your own. Sometimes you need to throw that phone away, put down that to-do list and just stop and admire the beauty around you. A dress that needed no accessorizing at all, just an open mind and a new path.

A chic blue maxi skirt that seemed too long for me even after 5 inch heels, was something that warranted a unique environment. Imagine a top model shoot happening in a narrow alleyway crowded with tiny homes and people peeping out to see what’s going on. I am no top model but the outfit certainly did make me feel as tall as one!

The third dress, is pretty, dainty, feminine and girly so I decided to add a little edge with some booties instead of the expected stilettos. Having some quality me-time, enjoying your favorite chocolate drink, lost in your thoughts, at your favorite coffee shop is definitely one of my favorite ways to spend my day.

And last but not the least, a tribute to all those unfulfilled dreams that still dream of seeing the light of day some day. If I remember correctly I think I’ve been wanting to learn to play the guitar since I was in the fourth grade, but apart from knowing one or two chords, I have no clue how to play one. When people tell me they have no particular hobby or passion, I never understand what they mean. I feel everybody has something they are good at and are passionate about, some just fail to recognize what it is.

What’s life without crazy dreams and a stubborn heart always ready to chase them around the world?

They think we’re insane for following our dreams. But we have this one life. This limitless ocean. And it seems to me, the most sane thing to do is to find what we love and swim after it like mad.

Look 1

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Look 2

dresslily8 dresslily10 dresslily7dresslily9dresslily11 dresslily12

Look 3

dresslily18 dresslily17 dresslily16 dresslily15 dresslily14 dresslily13

Look 4

dresslily23 dresslily22 dresslily21 dresslily18 dresslily19 dresslily20


1. Bohemian white maxi dress – here

2. Blue printed maxi skirt – here

3. 3/4 sleeve printed dress – here

4. Slit bell sleeve wrap top – here

Photography by: Meghna Chinaiah





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