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Banjara’s Skin +ve body lotion & beauty cream

December 18, 2016

They say old is gold for a reason and sometimes its best to believe in it. With so many new cosmetic brands being launched every year, it’s hard to figure out which ones are suitable for your skin and which are not. You usually get tempted into trying on new brands each time, and the result is that there is a frequent change in your beauty routine and loss of consistency. While it is good to experiment, too much of it can have a negative impact on your skin. Banjara’s is one brand that focusses on herbal products for beauty care in a largely unorganized category. Recently I started using their Banjara’s Skin positive body lotion and beauty cream during the winters and I quite like it.


The beauty cream enriched with pomegranate, helps the skin repair process, keeping it firm, tight and youthful. It also has olive oil, wheat germ oil and provitamin B5 that helps build skin elasticity and helps in keeping your skin hydrated and smooth. And finally it comes with SPF15 and PA++ for protection against sun damage. There is also a body lotion that acts as a moisturizing and repairing agent. Infused with honey, shea butter and kokum butter, it gives you silky smooth skin.


The consistency of the both the products is runny enough to be absorbed into your skin quickly. It has a typical ‘natural’ feel and smell to it thanks to the herbal powders used in it. Sometimes its good to give all my night creams and serums a rest, and go back to something that’s been tried and tested since more than two decades!

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