Style tips: How to pair sneakers with jeans

July 6, 2017

If you have worn a pair of Nike or Converse sneakers in the past, you know quite well that the right pair can make a ‘stand-out-from-the-crowd’ statement. For those fashionistas who keep track of changing street styles and runway trends, you know that the women’s sneakers are the added difference between a basic and a banging outfit. While breezy maxis, sexy sheaths and micro minis do work with the right type of shoes, the ultimate look is to pair these sneakers with jeans. Follow these style tips to ensure your statement shoes get all the attention they deserve.

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Show some skin! Cuff those pants!

Although sneakers are extremely comfortable and all-purpose footwear options, to make a statement you will need to show your anklebone. Wear ankle-length jeans that taper just to the edge of the anklebone. You could also hem the jeans, cuff them or just cut them. Bring them to a perfect length, and the stylish yet classy pair of sneakers will be the highlight of your outfit.

Go sockless!

Pulling off a no socks look can be hard, especially if you are used to the feet warmers. Try going sockless while you slip on your pair of sneakers, or just pick out a few pairs of low-rider socks. This is an ideal alternative for those of you who feel squeamish at the thought of naked feet inside the closed-in sneakers. The fashion conscious male population also does the same when they buy men’s loafers and match them with their clothes.

 Either the classic style or a solid colour!

Sometimes, all your outfit needs is solid colour sneakers or maybe a pair with classic prints or stripes. Sneakers do feel like ordinary running shoes but are huge fashion connects that add a stylish retro vibe to any look. Wear a pair of white jeans with a visible ankle and match it with black sneakers for a chic yet elegant look. You don’t have to stick to neutral shades but can experiment with bright colours such as pink sneakers with maroon laces. Pick leopard print sneakers to jazz up your plain top and jeans look.

Match them with skirts and dresses as well!

 While wearing your pair of sneakers with dresses and skirts, it is important to avoid a gaudy look. Although the image of a long skirt with sneakers and socks paints a non-fashionista look, a few tweaks to the look can change the entire scenario from a 1980s secretary style to a fun, elegant, youthful look. Don a playful yet modern look with a skirt that falls just above the knees, and pair the outfit with a cross-body bag. Look adorable in a summer denim dress paired with bright coloured sneakers. The splash of colour brings together the entire look.

Wear it as part of your office-wear outfit or slip into them for a stroll in the park, sneakers are the ultimate comfort footwear options for most women and men alike. Tired of wearing heels to work? Want to get rid of the summer flip-flops? Slip into these closed-toe sneaks and trot around with a carefree yet fashionable attitude.



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