Diwali Gift Guide

November 6, 2015

Out of all the festivals celebrated in India, Diwali happens to be one of my favorites. The lights, the fireworks and the festive spirit in the air! Continuing with my previous post on putting together some ideas on what to gift to close friends and family, I’ve put together another diwali gift guide. Only this time, there is a little something for everyone in the family!

The newly-wed cousin/friend

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It’s the wedding season after all and with one or two weddings every other week, there is bound to be someone in your close circle of cousins or friends who is recently married. It’s an exciting phase in their lives when they are looking to set up a new home and build a new life. Decorating their new home would certainly be one of the most important and exciting tasks for them, and what better way to show your support than gifting them some lovely home decor options like mirrors and wall art to brighten up their space?



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With winter soon approaching, a lovely Pashmina would be a perfect gift for your grandparents. After all the years that they spent spoiling you and pressing a couple of bills into your tiny hands every birthday and every festival, since you were a kid, this is the perfect gift for repaying them!



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Shopping for men is always confusing because there aren’t really many options. At the same time it’s quite easy because you really have a limited number of options to pick from, and that saves time! But there are a few classic options like a smart tie, a pair of cufflinks or a biker jacket that never fail to make an impression!



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No matter how much you fight over clothes and who gets to use the bathroom first, it’s always sisters before misters, right? Why not show her some sisterly love by gifting here some fine jewelry or a pretty handbag. We know you’ll end up sharing it anyway!


Mom and Dad

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Your mom deserves a break from all the chores and well everything else that moms usually do! A set of lovely bath accessories to pamper herself, or a pretty sari is a perfect way to brighten up her day. Also a pair of sunglasses or a fancy belt for your uber cool Dad!

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