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Chat with Designer Aqdus Saleem

April 18, 2016

Aqdus Saleem who was one of the Gen Next designers showcased her collection “The modest Chapter” at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer’Resort 2016 this year in Mumbai. Her collection embraces two dynamic elements – Islamic ethnic wear and contemporary fashion trends, to create a fusion that projects the best of both.

Aqdus is a Post Graduate student of Fashion at Pearl Academy and she launched her her label named on her first name right after finishing her college. Aqdus Saleem says

“I was encouraged to think independently and without fear in my fashion school, I also learned to question old norms and find new solutions. I was always inspired to do something for women in the Middle East, basically I was yearning to break the stereotype image. I want people to understand that modest wear does not restrict you to look beautiful”.

Her deep-rooted belief in Islamic culture and values were often questioned by her creativity while the rich Islamic art fascinated her endlessly.

So I sat down with her for a tete-a-tete, to get to know more about the thought process behind her collection.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection ‘The Modest Chapter’

I took inspiration from Middle East. I basically want to break the stereotype Abaya (burkha).  And wanted to make people understand that modest wear does not restrict you to look beautiful. In fact I feel it enhances your beauty. I am not making Abayas, I am just trying to create something which covers your body beautifully.

All the designs seem so simple, chic and wearable. How does one go about translating that vision in one’s head into a product that is so wearable?

Whenever I design my collection, I try to look at my collection as a consumer I always ask myself a question that, would I be able to wear this garment. And I did the same thing with my LFW collection also to make it wearable & that’s how I dress myself up.

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I design creative clothes, which are wearable in day-to-day life. I create balance between creativity and wearable clothes by making clothes that my sisters and I can wear.

How has the response been so far for this new collection?

It was good, I got complementing reaction from public as well as the buyers. They liked the fabrics, colors & the silhouette.

Aqdus1If there was one celebrity you feel would be perfect to carry off any of these designs, who would it be (Indian or International)

Sonam kapoor

As a fashion designer, do think there is a scope for fashion blogging to pick up in India like in the Western countries?

Social media is a humongous tool. Helps create a designer’s image and life in front of people that create positive loyal base.

Do you think fashion bloggers help in bridging the gap between designer and consumer?

I do think that bloggers plays an important role, as bloggers eliminate the gap & give all the possible information of the designer to the consumer.

And lastly

What kind of a woman are your designs meant for? If you had to describe in a few words.

I am looking up to women who desire to empower within the degree of freedom & fashion without compromising their values.

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