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The Pink Dilemna

February 14, 2017

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, its just that I strongly dislike cliches and that’s what V-day has finally been turned into. I’ve also been guilty of discriminating against everything pink my entire life, and sadly I have no reasons to justify my behavior. Call it a phase, or call it my natural urge to rebel against every stupid stereotype (that if you are a girl, pink is automatically your favorite color), I went to the other extreme and started hating the color altogether. The same happened with another cliched combination – Valentine’s Day + Red. I know, it makes no sense. Red is a beautiful color. And to associate the color with love, is also beautiful. But that’s the thing right! It doesn’t stop there. Everything has to be commercialized, trivialized, and made a mockery of until it finally turns from ‘something beautiful’ to a broken record of a debate, for which no one really cares.

So just for the heck of it, I decided to go all pink for Valentine’s day and finally put an end to my hatred for the color. I think I can confidently say that I neither hate the color nor love it. Which puts it right next to what I feel for every other color in the spectrum. It also helped that the dress was a gift from my Boo! Maybe that’s what I finally needed – some true love to get over the cliched hatred!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dress: Koovs.com | Earrings: Stylefiesta.com | Shoes: Lifestyle

Location: The Groove

Photography: Kohili S

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