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Valentine’s Day with Coolpad

February 13, 2017

Since this was our first Valentine’s Day after marriage, we sort of decided to go with the crowd and make a day out of it. I’ve always found myself caught in between the battle of ‘It’s just another most commercially exploited day of the year’ vs. ‘It’s a day to celebrate love, so stop being cynical and do something special because why the hell not!’

So we decided to head out for a brunch date along with our cool new accessory – the new CoolPad Cool 1 phone. The team couldn’t have sent over the phone at a more appropriate time, and we had a blast with it.

Typically most of our dates involve heading to our favorite coffee shop, sitting there with a chocolate shake and talking endlessly about everything under the sun. And since the boyfriend/husband is by default made to be a photographer, we had a fun session clicking pictures as well. The CoolPad Cool 1 comes with a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. The selfies are of impeccable quality – very crisp and clear.

Hanging out at a coffee shop is the same for us as hanging out at home, except that we are a little more dressed up and not in our pj’s constantly. From clicking selfies, to reading a book for a while, to shopping online together and eating & talking, we indulge in everything.

The highlight of the phone is definitely the battery power. Its 4000mAh non-removable battery is extremely good and lasts upto 14 hours straight. With normal usage I was able to go a little more than a day and a half. The phone also charges fairly quickly and its good to go in about 30 minutes of charging.

Overall, the phone was a win for me. Well built, with a sharp display, and very good battery life. The camera quality is amazing, so if you are looking for a new phone you should definitely consider this. It’s Valentine’s day so consider gifting it to yourself or your special someone!

Other specifications:

Display: 5.5”


Memory: 32GB

Camera: Dual 13MP rear camera, 8MP front camera

Battery: 4000mAh, upto 14 hours

Color: Silver/Gold

OS: Android 6.0


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